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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has arrived on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. The latest adventure in the Monster Hunter franchise is now unfolding for many excited players. It follows the successful Monster Hunter: Rise, which launched earlier in the year.

Your adventure begins in your home village of Mahana. The warriors there can befriend the many “Monsties” that inhabit the world. They do this by utilizing the power of the mysterious Kinship Stone. Along with their new Monstie friends, they will embark on a quest upon which the fate of the world rests. The choices made along the way will prove pivotal.


The player is entrusted with a Rathalos egg by a mysterious girl named Ena. At the same time, another mystery is unfolding. Rathalos across the world have disappeared. Players must find answers to this, as well as learning the truth behind the “Wings of Ruin” prophecy.

Unlike the main Monster Hunter series, this one features turn-based combat. Players must gain experience to hone their skills and grow their kinship with their Monstie pals. Growing in power is essential, but players can also utilize many weapon types from the series. You can also target certain parts of a hostile monster in battle. This allows you to do extra damage, and even break off materials. These can be used for crafting new equipment. Players can also unleash a devastating blow using Kinship Attacks. These are a team attack, in which a Rider and their Monstie attack together simultaneously.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 | Riders and Monsties


Players can also band together to take on co-op dungeons or PVP (player versus player) matches. The co-op dungeons bring extra challenge and the ability to earn rare and powerful monster eggs. In the main game, players can find new eggs by braving the depths of monster dens. These come in a range of sizes, and some are rare, containing some of the more elusive types of monster eggs. Once back home, players can choose to hatch their eggs, or pass attributes on to another Monstie via the Rite of Channeling feature. Players can create a formidable Monstie team by combining genes in different ways. Will you build a team based on versatility, or specialization?

Post-launch updates to Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be adding new types of monsters, as well. So Riders will be making many new Monstie friends to ride into battle with. The first of these updates will drop on July 15th, so not far off.


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