It’s time for another Nintendo Download, and this time we have a handful of featured titles and a bunch of new eShop games. There is also now a demo available for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.


Featured Games

Mario Golf: Super Rush ($59.99) has just launched. Up to four friends can step onto the green as characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Battle it out in different modes from Standard Golf to Speed Golf and Golf Adventure. The game supports both motion and button controls.


The Legend of Mana HD remaster ($29.99) also just arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Relive a great adventure in search of the Mana Tree. There’s just one problem, your world map is empty! You’ll have to discover artifacts and place them on the map to fill it out. Along the way you’ll face dangerous monsters and meet many characters. Complete quests and uncover the land of Fa’Diel, as your adventure unfolds. The remaster remixed the soundtrack, but you have the option to play with the original music, too.


Sky: Children of the Light will arrive on June 29th. Players will embark on a free-to-play social adventure that aims to warm the heart. Explore the world of Sky, and the seven realms within. You are the Children of Light who spread hope in the barren kingdom.


Also launching on June 29th is Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny ($59.99). It’s been six years since the last new game in the series. A zombie named Zed has risen above all, except for a God of Destruction. Can a lowly zombie really take down a god?

My Nintendo Disgaea 6 Sweepstakes: My Nintendo members can earn rewards and enter this sweepstakes.


Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! ($13.49 | $14.99) will land on the Nintendo Switch on June 30th. This is a psychological horror story where you join a literature club (reluctantly) in search of romance. Your choices and the poems you create can warm your crush up to you more. However, you’ll soon discover the scary side of school romance! Can you get the best ending in this dating sim?


Current Sales

This Nintendo Download sees a very quiet sales scene for the week. All of the E3 sales we looked at last week have since closed their doors.

However, there are a few individual sales highlighted, though.

Check out Nintendo’s sales page for full details on everything.



New eShop Titles

The Nintendo Download has a sizable pile of new eShop games to check out this week:


Arcade Action






Puzzle Adventure








Simulation Adventure




Visual Novel


Upcoming Games

We have a busier list of upcoming games in the Nintendo Download this week.

Bocce ($7.99) is a ultra-realistic Bocce simulator arriving on June 26th.

Launching on June 28th is action platformer Mighty Aphid ($4.99).

June 29th will see several more games launch. They include action adventure Destroy All Humans ($39.99), platformer Onirike ($13.49 | $14.99), and retro classics Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol ($14.99).

Landing on Nintendo Switch on June 30th are two puzzle platformers: A Tale of Synapse: The Chaos Theories ($17.99) and Anna’s Quest ($15.99 | $19.99). Also releasing on the 30th, is a cross between a platformer and Arkanoid, Arkan: The Dog Adventurer ($4.99).


That wraps up the Nintendo Download for this week. Take care until next time!

Michael Fontanini
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