Scars Above

Scars Above | Biological Investigation

During Koch Media’s Prime Matter stream before E3 proper, there was a world premier trailer for Scars Above. It is developed by Mad Head games, where it is a 3rd person action-adventure shooter starring Kate, an astrobiologist of SCAR team. Transported into an alien world, the astrobiologist must combat literal terrors, persevering through fear itself. With her sharp mind, study creatures and the environment in order to bolster your armaments to survive. The trailer itself is an astounding seven minutes long, giving time to help the atmosphere, overall flow of combat, and for the story telling be invoked for players.¬† Many aspects of the game are based on making a world that is believable, having a balance of realism and proper sci-fi in order to make an immersive experience. The entire trailer can be viewed down below.

Marisa Alexander
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