oprainfall | The Last Spell

oprainfall | The Last Spell


Developer Ishtar Games (formerly CCCP) and publisher The Arcade Crew have launched The Last Spell on Steam Early Access. The roguelite tactical RPG is also celebrating with a 10% launch discount until June 17th. Resting on the player’s shoulders is the fate of humanity, as hordes of monsters attack in waves! Only one stronghold still survives against the onslaught, so this is humanity’s last stand.

In The Last Spell, humanity’s defenders must hold off the beasts as long as possible to buy time for the mages. These magic wielders are tasked with taking down the dark magic that powers the monster-spawning mist. As the game celebrates its early access launch with a limited time discount, a new trailer has also released.


Surviving the brutal onslaughts will require strategy in how you equip and position your squads to unleash lethal attacks on your enemies. You can complement your cunning plans in the turn-based battles by adding and upgrading structures to the Haven. Increasing the fortification of certain areas could be the difference between life and death.

The Last Spell also includes randomized party members, enemy flanks, and gear stashes to add a lot of replayability. These procedurally generated elements of the game add a healthy dose of unpredictability that makes each battle different from the last one. Your battles are also accompanied by the game’s “synth-driven instrumental progressive metal OST” composed by the French musician Rémi Gallego. You can purchase the OST on Steam, which is also 10% off for a limited time.


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