Dragon Star Varnir


In a press release put out today by Idea Factory they’ve announced the upcoming release of their JRPG, Dragon Star Varnir, for the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously released on the PlayStation 4 in 2018, as well as ported to PC in 2019.

Dragon Star Varnir takes place in a world where witches are cursed to give birth to dragons. The player assumes the role of a knight tasked with killing witches, however he finds himself working alongside three said witches while he fights dragons. The game makes use of a unique tier system in combat, where the player can position themselves among three different vertical levels to avoid enemy attacks, or set traps. You can also devour dragons to obtain their abilities and level up. Throughout the game you can decide if you want to save the witches or sacrifice them. Your choices will effect the games ending.



Much like the PC port that came before it, the Switch release will not contain the altered assets that were found on the PS4, and be true to the original Japanese release.

Dragon Star Varnir will launch on Nintendo Switch later this summer with a digital release following a limited run physical release through… Limited Run Games, of course. You can pre-order your copy of Dragon Star Varnir over at the IFI’s Online Store starting June 15th for $39.99 USD.

SOURCE: Press release

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