Self-proclaimed Earthbound spiritual successor Oddventure has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter with 22 days remaining to hit stretch goals, which include an assortment of unique enemies.

Developed by Infamous Rabbit, Oddventure is a JRPG about the misadventures of Charlie – a nihilistic and rebellious teenage girl with anger issues and social awkwardness. Charlie searches for her troublesome brother Bonzo and ultimately for a way back home. The setting is the Kingdom of Luxia, a land straight from original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales with a dark, Nietzschean twist. Other characters include Jack Grimm, the Mad Hatter; Mr. Rabbit and Dodo, the Anti-Bards; Forestia Bloodworth, a royal knight; and Slippy, the Hint Master.

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Key features

  • Mood Battle System – A moody twist on classic turn-based combat! Yeah, you can make the enemies run away crying or spare them and get a present. Every battle can be ended in different ways. But be aware of the consequences.
  • Make Choices – Every decision matters. It’s up to you how the story plays out and which of several endings you receive.
  • Explore and Interact – Meet new people. Or dwarfs. Or other creatures. Everyone has something interesting to say. Or at least you can listen to their sobbing.
  • Solve Puzzles – Between battles, explore a world filled with cute and weird puzzles full of odd creatures.

Kickstarter rewards include your name in the credits, a digital artbook, your name hidden inside the game, a Kickstarter exclusive T-shirt, a poster, a physical collector’s edition for PC, a custom pixelized portrait of yourself in the game, and an NPC designed by yourself.

Oddventure is being developed for Windows, Max and Linux, as well as the Nintendo Switch. A free demo is available on Steam, itch.io, and Game Jolt.

Leah McDonald
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