oprainfall | Devolver Digital Steam Weekend Sale

oprainfall | Devolver Digital Steam Weekend Sale


Devolver Digital has decided to be quite generous by throwing the Devolver Digital Steam Weekend Sale. A ton of games in their library are seeing significant discounts as much as 90% off during the annual event. The press release says the sale will be ending on May 11th. They even have discounts on some brand new games, though not as much of course. One example is Loop Hero, which is marked down 20%.

From last years roster of games we see titles like Serious Sam 4, which is 40% off, and Carrion is slashed by 35%. In the class of 2019, are titles like Pikuniku at 70% off, and Observation is discounted to 60% off. In their 2018 listing, some of the best deals are Crossing Souls at 75% off and The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse, which is 67% off. The modern classics category also has a bunch of deals, such as The Talos Principle (85% off) and Titan Souls with a 90% price cut.

You can also find some great deals on certain franchises. Shadow Warrior, Shadow Warrior 2, and Shadow Warrior Classic Redux are all 80-85% off this weekend. Meanwhile, the Serious Sam franchise has a bunch of deals too. Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter HD are both just a couple of bucks. Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3 are 80-90% off. Meanwhile, The Serious Sam Complete Pack is slashed by 74%. The newest game in the series is 40% off as mentioned earlier.

Overall, the Devolver Digital Steam Weekend Sale is throwing around some major savings on a lot of games.

“I never approved these discounts and I refuse to acknowledge them. I still make money while refusing to acknowledge them.” – Devolver Digital’s CFO Fork Parker


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