Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess Yachiyo
Title Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess
Developer Frontwing
Publisher Frontwing
Release Date September 25, 2020
Genre Nukige
Platform PC
Age Rating 18+
Official Website

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a chance to sit down with one of Frontwing’s very vanilla and cute Loca-Love titles. These are series of three visual novels that contain the same protagonist, Aoi Ichitaro, as you explore this story from what-if angles. Basically, each game is like a route in a standard visual novel, so I was very excited that the adorable priestess, Shizuki Yachiyo, would be getting her very own route for the first title. That time has finally arrived with the release of Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess. Let’s see if this lived up to the expectations I had for it all this time.

 Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess | Tea

The story here starts out much like the others in the series, Aoi has a water pipe burst at his apartment and needs a place to live. This time around he stays with his childhood friend, Yachiyo. She is a priestess at the local shrine that has gotten quite an interesting reputation as of late. Couples that buy charms there are fated to breakup. Aoi starts to gain a bit of a crush on Yachiyo as an unruly bunny eared Goddess appears to help the two get together. Can the Goddess make them the perfect couple and restore the reputation of the shrine?

 Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess | Yachiyo

Yeah, the story here is pretty basic like other entries in this series. That’s not to say it’s bad, just don’t go expecting a huge amount of depth. What you will find is a very cute love story with enough moe to keep a smile on your face for days. To say Yachiyo is cute would be a massive understatement, and watching her and Aoi interact together as their love grows is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The artwork is just simply fantastic. Yachiyo and all of the backgrounds are very nicely drawn with a ton of detail. Seeing all of her adorable outfits and facial expressions really add to the overall appeal of this visual novel. The chibi-style cut-in scenes are all wonderfully done as well. They ooze with cuteness and give the story a bit of flavor. All of the H-scenes are done exceptionally well. They have perfect timing in the story, are very well written and are completely uncensored.

 Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess | Chibi

While the music here isn’t anything special, it does fit the mood of the story quite well. Most of the tracks here are pretty upbeat, but there are a couple of slower tracks for those more tender moments. The ending vocal track is very fitting and really wraps everything up in a nice package. The voice acting here is top notch like you would expect from any other Frontwing release, and the actors do a great job bringing these characters to life.

 Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess | Bath

Loca-Love: My Pure Priestess may not have the deepest story, but that’s not a bad thing. This is a very simple love story between two amazing characters. It will have you feeling good from start to finish with a smile on your face. The artwork is fantastic, the H-scenes are well written and the voice acting is wonderful as well. It’s pretty short at 3 to 4 hours in length for the $19.99 price tag, but I feel the quality here makes it well worth it. Yachiyo was by far my favorite of the three heroines in this series, and she was well worth the wait!

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