Today Idea Factory International has shared details about the DLC Kassen for the upcoming release of Azur Lane: Crosswave on the Nintendo Switch. This Line-up includes Roon, Le Malin, and Sirius. Each of these Kassen will come with some support units and an original story section.

From the press release:

Roon was spending her days happily at the Iron Blood Academy. She’s very talented, so much that she can stop a rigging with her bare hands.

It was a comfortable, peaceful time. Yet, Roon was starting to get bored of this…

After the Sirens had attacked, her innate desire to fight was awakened within her. Someone had even noticed this trait, and was keeping an eye on it–

Who will end up staring down the barrel of Roon’s gun?

Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support Ships:

  • Graf Zepplin, Deutschland, and Admiral Graf Spee
Le Malin
The Royal Navy decided it would host a new Joint Military Exercise, using the Cubes.

Going with the flow of things, Le Malin participated in the exercise as a representative of the Vichya Dominion. That is where she encountered Essex.

The event was a challenge to see how many things could be made using the Cubes. Since it calls for skills outside of battle, Le Malin decided to create ■■■. The ocean arena was both surprised and excited.

Although the event was expected to reach the end smoothly, the Sirens appeared and targeted everyone!

What does fate have in store for Le Malin?

Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support Ships:

  • Essex, Baltimore, and Centaur
Sirius and London were given the task of returning the Cubes that the Royal Navy had borrowed from the Sakura Empire.

However, while en route, the Sirens attacked. They announced that they were taking the Cubes, and the Sakura Empire began handling damage control.

Sirius and London was the pair chosen for this task. In order to defend the Cubes, they were dispatched to the Sakura Empire.

At the scene, both the Eagle Union and Iron Blood had come to stand against the Siren’s scheme.

Will the Kansen be able to unite to protect the Cubes from the Sirens?

Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support Ships:

  • London, Alabama, and Azuma

You can check out some more screenshots below:

The DLC Kassen will set you back $7.99, and I personally feel they are well worth it. I did some impressions on each of them a while back for the Steam Release. Azur Lane: Crosswave will launch physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch February 16, 2021 in North America and February 19, 2021 in Europe. The Limited Time Neptune Swimsuit DLC will be available in North America: February 16 – March 16 11:00am PDT, and in Europe: February 19 – March 12.

Players who order from Iffy’s Online Store will receive an awesome Taihou Collector card as well.

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