Are you worried that metrovanias might be in danger of going stale? Well, the people over at Raven Travel Studios want to take it to strange new places with Fantasy Network. Fantasy Network is aiming to take the traditional metrovania formula and blend it with elements of… social networking! I bet you didn’t see that coming.



With an aesthetic reminiscent of the more recent Monster World games, Raven Travel Studios aims to launch Fantasy Network sometime this year On PC and all PS4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch. Taking place in the fictional world of Holua, the player will be able to customize their character, interact with a cast of colorful characters, fight monsters, and win talent shows. Raven Travel hopes to launch a Kickstarter soon to generate some funding for the finishing touches.

You can check out the store page on steam here. Checkout the press release below for more information:


Fantasy Network, a new metroidvania game with a social media twist, is coming in 2021!
In Fantasy Network, typical metroidvania features are given a whimsical social media slant, as players are tasked with exploring a vibrant world and unconvering its many secrets.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Turin, Italy, January, 19th 2021
Raven Travel Studios is excited to announce Fantasy Network – a metroidvania adventure game aiming for release on PC and consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) in 2021.


Players will explore the colorful, open world of Holua, fight scary monsters and chat to hand-drawn, larger-than-life characters to discover a story that runs deeper than it may seem.
A Kickstarter campaign is planned for the first quarter of 2021 to help fund the last stage of development and the porting of the PC version to consoles.
Since 2017, Fantasy Network’s development has been led by Paolo Cattaneo, working under the alias Raven Travel Studios.
“I’ve been a game developer for 20 years and dreamed about making Fantasy Network from the beginning. I left my job as a software developer to make this dream a reality, creating a whimsical game which offers my thoughts on the media-centric world we live in.” – Paolo


Fantasy Network on Steam:
More about Fantasy Network:
  • Metroidvania adventuring: Explore a vibrant world brought to life through hand-drawn graphics and 3D cel-shaded environments.
  • Using a range of weapons and unique items, take on a colorful variety of enemy critters and venture deeper into the expansive world.
  • The player’s goal is to win Holua’s five famous talent shows and the presidency, but look deeper to uncover a sinister plot.
  • Get advice and gossip from colorful characters. If done a favor, many will help the player in their quest.
  •  The player can customize their character, choose a name, and save up for cool items and armor.
  • If a break is needed, chill out with five retro, pixel art arcade gam



About Raven Travel Studios:
Raven Travel Studios  was founded in November 2011 by italian artists who worked in the software development industry for over a decade. Studio’s works are inspired by the early 80’s – the golden age of the arcade games.





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