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The days have come and gone, and now we have a new Toffer Team game in LIP Lewd Idol Project! To clarify, this comes as a result of a series of Toffer twitter posts. Many of which involve the new face of Toffer Team, the main character by the name of Kairi. With many of her cute expressions appearing on the timeline multiple occasions, speculation was ongoing regarding a potential title for the cutie. Today, we have our answer and it’s a good one. The very proud lewd adventure game developer is going to Kickstarter for the very first time. In fact, he needs your help now more than ever. Toffer Team seeks $9,500 in the next 29 days to make this idol’s story truly blossom. After reading his first yuri entry, Himeko Maid, I honestly feel confident that with the funds he can make something truly magical. Good luck!

So what is LIP! Lewd Idol Project about anyways?

Kairi is a young and cheerful girl with a dream… Becoming the best and most popular Idol ever!
She recently moved to Akihabara in order to achieve this, but… She’s been rejected by around fifteen different Idol agencies so far.

Already short on money, with some increasing debt, and feeling defeated after another failed audition, she meets Ranko, a self-proclaimed “producer” that introduces the innocent idol wannabe to her most recent and ambitious idea… Lewd Idol Project.

Join Kairi, explore the wonderful city of Akihabara, meet and recruit new girls for the project, and help her fulfill her dream in this new Lewd Adventure!

What do I think?

Coming off an apparent success in Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure, Toffer is finally taking his ambitions further. While I tragically did not like Kiara’s game, he continues to truly capture the heart of audiences with his characters. However, because he’s heading back to girls’ love, I am full of hope that he truly fleshes out this crew so that we may fall in love again. There’s a demo available right now and it displays exemplary writing from Toffer this time around. My only concern is bringing the story around to be as good as the characters he created, but with criticism out in the open. I have no doubt that he’s going to make a great yuri lewd adventure.

Diego Hernandez
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