Timing can be a funny thing. I had been waiting for a chance to pick up Freedom Finger on a sale for a while. Not cause it’s not worth full price, but cause my backlog is enormous. So I try and be a thrifty gamer when I can. And I recently managed to get Freedom Finger for a great discount on Steam. Which is why this announcement is so painful for me. Now it’s been announced by Super Rare Games (SRG) that this crazed SHMUP is coming physically to Nintendo Switch. In other words, I should have waited a bit longer to pick the game up. Cause I definitely want this edition!

Freedom Finger | Physical Info

Like usual, this edition of Freedom Finger has all the SRG swag, including cards, manual and more. If you’re somehow not familiar with the crazy game, just keep on reading the full press release below. Maybe it’ll be worth your while to check out Super Rare Games in the coming days to pick up a copy. I know I’ve personally found some gems there.

Bat$#!% space shooter Freedom Finger gets an explosive physical Switch release next week!

Shoot ’em up, smash ’em up, and punch ’em up with the music-driven, sidescrolling shooter Freedom Finger! Super Rare Games is proud to finally reveal their partnership with Wide Right Games to release this crazy cartoon action game in physical form for the first time on the Nintendo Switch™.

Only 4,000 copies will be available worldwide – pre-orders for the game open on September 17th at 6pm BST (10am PT/1pm ET) for approx £27 + tax ($31 USD/33€) – exclusively at superraregames.com.

Super Rare Week

Revealed as part of our #SuperRareWeek campaign and one of our most anticipated releases since its announcement earlier this year, this rare physical release includes all the content on its cart, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

About Freedom Finger

Freedom Finger features classic shmup gameplay blended with melee combat! You’re flying a ship shaped like a giant hand, so use it! Punch, grab, and shoot enemies to smithereens! The unique grab attack allows you to capture enemies and use their guns as power-ups!

? A fully voiced, fully animated Story Mode, starring Nolan North (Uncharted), John DiMaggio (Adventure Time, Futurama), Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes, Battletoads, Ratchet & Clank) and Sam Riegel (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Fallout).

? A unique soundtrack including original music by Aesop Rock and licensed tracks from Red Fang, METZ, Power Trip, Com Truise, White Fence, Ty Segall, Makeup and Vanity Set, True Widow, The Radio Dept., Drab Majesty, John Maus, Vektroid, Cleaners from Venus, and many more!

Freedom Finger | Nose

? Fight your way through 40 handcrafted levels, spread out over 13 worlds! Each world features new enemies, power-ups, and challenges!

? A wide selection of difficulty settings! Whether you want to chill and enjoy the story or crank the difficulty for a butt-blasting ridiculous challenge, we’ve got you covered!

? A highly satirical storyline that explores hot-button topics such as communism, U.S. foreign policy, sriracha sauce, and, most importantly, crafting in video games.

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