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Howdy friends, hope you’re enjoying Nyan Cafe because WanNyan à La Mode is coming! That’s right, the lewd wholesome story from SkyFish Poco is coming to the West next month. To clarify, yes, this is the spiritual successor to the game we all just bought this July.  Twice the girls, twice the fun! So if you’re enjoying your current cat girl themed adventure, consider taking things a step further and find yourself in the middle of a choice. Furthermore, a choice that sits in the middle of family debates to this very day: Cats or Dogs? While I let you contemplate your decision, you’ll be happy to know that this game is releasing exclusively on MangaGamer’s website. In addition, you may pre-order the game right now for $35.95 and obtain it as soon as the Midnight Release! I’m loving Nyan Cafe, so I can’t wait for WanNyan! Let’s go!!


So what’s WanNyan à La Mode about?

PochiTama Pâtissier Academy – A prestigious institution that has sent countless pastry chefs, confectionery artists, and bakers out into the world. Admission to this establishment is easy, but graduating is a challenging feat!

Many branches exist within PochiTama’s global network, each having great influence within the culinary industry.

Our story begins when several of the academy’s most promising trainees are summoned to campus. They are to live in the on-site dormitories for several weeks for the duration of the special exam, in which they will manage an academy-owned shop all by themselves! Their efforts will be carefully appraised, and two of the highest performing trainees will earn the coveted title of “MVP.”

Those chosen as MVPs will be given the right to intern at any famous pâtisserie they choose in the world. In other words, this is a chance to set out and gain a foothold in the industry! Each trainee yearns for this chance and to put their heart and souls into managing their own shop.

The cat-eared girls manage the café “Kitty Parlor,” while the dog-eared girls attend to the “Beans Puppy” café.

Which shop will you choose, and who will you get along well with?!

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