Well folks, time for another short and sweet Nintendo Download. This one has a couple featured titles, more shocking mobile news, digital games, sales and more to enjoy. Let’s start with the release of a game I’ve been anticipating coming to consoles for a while.

Nintendo Download | Banner of the Maid

It’s no secret that I love tactical RPGs. So when I first saw Banner of the Maid on PC, I was intrigued. It had lush art, an interesting setting, beautiful women and dynamic combat. Though I didn’t personally review it for the oprainfall site, that’s only cause I wanted it on my Switch. Well, starting soon I’ll be able to have just that. The other featured title is none other than Swimsanity! A crazed multiplayer romp under the water, facing off against enormous sea beasts. But that’s not all for this Nintendo Download. Dr. Mario is back for a checkup!

Nintendo Download | Swimsanity

Dr. Mario World 2.0 Update – Dr. Mario World has received its free version 2.0 update! A new mode, Skill Summit, has been added where Doctors take turns being mentors and holding limited-time summits for players to clear to earn in-game rewards, such as additional Doctor characters. Players will also now receive Dr. Toad automatically when they clear stage 20 and may notice some updated designs to the game’s visuals, including the world map menu and Characters screen.

Nintendo Download | Spitlings

The Game Guide has some fun games to check out for this Nintendo Download. If you wanna play a purple heroine, try Megadimension Neptunia VII for $23.99; or for something different, try Max and the book of chaos for $6.79; to do dangerous stunts, try Urban Trial Tricky for $8.99; for fun with mutation, there’s Genetic Disaster for $5.99; or for a slight discount on a great SHMUP, try Game Tengoku CruisinMix Special for $23.99; or for diva fun, try Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix for $29.54; fans of VNs might like Arcade Spirits for $16.99; for a bundle of classic RPGs, try Langrisser I & II for $34.99; for multiplayer with insects, try Killer Queen Black for $13.99; for feline maids, try Nekopara Vol. 3 for $8.99; sword and sorcery fans can try Aggelos for $6.74; Rogue fans might prefer Tangledeep for $9.99; for a really great discount, try Cosmic Star Heroine for a mere $1.99; for another, try Hand of Fate 2 for $9.89; and lastly, for a great tribute to Bomberman, try Bombslinger for $4.79. To see everything else on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | KukkoroDays

For next week’s Nintendo Download digital goodies, there’s a trio. Metroidvania fans might want to keep an eye on Escape From Tethys. Those that can’t get enough waifu should try Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Infinite Combate. And lastly for next week, if you wanted to experience Kafka’s nightmare firsthand, try Metamorphosis.

Nintendo Download | Clan N

This week’s Nintendo Download has many more digital games to check out. Retro fans have these to enjoy – Arcade Archives Burger Time, 112th Seed, RogueCube and Spitlings. RPG fans might like Alphadia Genesis. Party animals might try Clan N and Drink More Glurp. Mech fans can get brutal with Titan Glory. To fly on wings of hope, try Aery – Broken Memories. VN fans can experience KukkoroDays and Time Tenshi. And lastly, fans of weird games should check out Cruel Bands Career.

Nintendo Download | Cruel Bands Career

Not a bad Nintendo Download overall. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune into oprainfall next week for more Nintendo fun!

Nintendo Download | Time Tenshi

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