Today in a press release publisher, Another Indie, has announced that OneShark’s Doors of Insanity, a card based roguelike-like, will soon be entering Steam Early Access.

In Doors of Insanity you’ll assume the role of a hero fighting their way through purgatory using a deck of cards, some equipment, and your wits. The press release emphasis it’s difficulty, character customization, as well as a fairly uncommon feature in these sorts of games: PVP multiplayer. Players will have the opportunity to play against other players. Each given a limited amount of in game money to spend on cards, equipment, and other items before being pitted against each other.



Doors of Insanity will be entering Steam Early Access later this year. If you’d like to sigh up for the beta you can do so here.

Checkout the press release below for more information:

Is there anything more insane than the PVP mode of Doors of Insanity?
Test It Yourself By Signing Up for The Open Beta!


Latvian American games studio Oneshark and Taiwan-based publisher Another Indie are issuing an optimistic re-announcement for our upcoming card slinging roguelike Doors of Insanity!

Doors of Insanity is a brightly colored, brutally difficult romp through the plains of purgatory with a fully customizable character, an array of incredible equipment, and a deck of powerful magic cards. What’s more, we are pleased to announce that Doors of Insanity will include a PVP mode, pitting players against one another! In the PVP mode, players are given a limited time and a limited amount of money to spend on a random assortment of items before going head to head in the arena.

In Doors of Insanity, you can choose your background, your patron, and your card, then augment them with the weapons, armor, and artifacts you find on your journey. All your equipment will be shown on your character allowing for some truly insane combinations. That’s not all, Doors of Insanity will be coming to Steam Early Access later this year (Switch version to follow and PS5/XBOX SX in the foreseeable future) and you will be able to get your hands on:

  • Intense PVP to hone and test your skills.
  • Purgatory Card feature: After each death, you will get to keep one card owned before dying to assist your next run.
  • Collect and use over 70 cards.
  • Summon 7 allies including Shield Beaters, Wizards, and Demonic Bugs!
  • Wield a variety of magic weapons including the powerful Sword Of The Three Saints and the less-powerful Dad’s Hammer.
  • Engage in over dozens of encounters behind the doors of madness.
  • Travel through four areas in the search for the Doors of Insanity!
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