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Nintendo Download for 7/16/20

Well folks, time for another Nintendo Download! This one isn’t super long, but it makes up for it with some exciting featured titles, the usual sales and some promising digital games. So let’s start with the latest adventure in the Paper Mario series, coming out tomorrow!

Nintendo Download | Paper Mario: The Origami King

Though I’ve had my issues with the Paper Mario series, at the least I can say they’re attractive and creative. Paper Mario: The Origami King looks to continue that trend, with a crazy and humorous tale featuring some interesting new battle mechanics. While some may groan about a lack of XP, myself included, I am still more than willing to give it a shot. But that’s not all this week! This Nintendo Download also has Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, a cool tactical RPG I’ve been waiting to make the Switch since I played it at E3. There’s also quirky adventure game Neversong, where you fight monsters with your trusty baseball bat. And last but certainly not least, we have Panzer Paladin, an indie I’ve been waiting to get my hands on since I learned it existed. Let’s continue this Nintendo Download with the weekly sales.

Nintendo Download | Panzer Paladin

Before we move onto the Game Guide, there’s a special sale happening. Newcomers Team17 has a Summer Sale lasting from today until the 26th, and it offers up to 90% off their titles. I won’t list all of them, but the following are worth checking out – Blasphemous, My Time at Portia, Overcooked Special Edition, Overcooked! 2, Sheltered, Yoku’s Island Express and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. To see all Team17’s discounted games, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Funtime

Now let’s keep on trucking with the Game Guide sales. Platformer and puzzle fans should check out REZ PLZ for $11.99; to mix up genres, try SuperMash for $14.99; for a nice discount on a new retro, try Dogurai for only $0.99; for something unique, try Tamashii for $5.99; to get weird, try Deadly Premonition Origins for $14.99; for another good discount, try Super Mutant Alien Assault for $1.99; to try something different, try HEROINE ANTHEM ZERO episode 1 for $6.49; to try something different from Game Freak, there’s GIGA WRECKER ALT. half off at $12.49; to mash some bad robots, try Mechstermination Force for $5.99; for a cute adventure, try Heroki for $4.99; for more fun with robots, try Heart&Slash for $5.24; and lastly, for an amazing discount on retro fun, try Mutant Mudds Collection for $1.49. To see every other discount, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Neversong

There’s only one new worthy digital game for next week’s Nintendo Download, and that’s Aircraft Evolution. But everything else is available for this Nintendo Download. Retro fans might enjoy Arcade Archives GRADIUS and One Dog Story. To smash some heavy metal, try Tanky Tanks. Puzzle fans might enjoy Lockstone, Radical Rabbit Stew and Ultra Hat Dimension. For a cute platformer, try Starlit Adventures Golden Stars. And finally, for a duo of SHMUPs, try #Funtime and Waifu Uncovered.

Nintendo Download | GRADIUS

Overall a solid, albeit short, Nintendo Download. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly dose of fun Nintendo games, and be sure to tune in next week!

Nintendo Download | Waifu Uncovered

Josh Speer
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