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Good Smile Company has announced the GOOD SMILE NEXT project. The project celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary and its goal is to come up with ways to create more smiles around the world. In order to kickoff the GOOD SMILE NEXT project, GSC introduced a new artist unit called SMILE NEXT! The unit consists of Miku Ito (Miku Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets), Minori Suzuki (Freyja Wion in Macross Delta), and Yu Serizawa (Vajra in Granblue Fantasy). NEXT SMILE! is a unit formed for a limited time in order to celebrate Good Smile Company’s 20th anniversary which takes place in May 2021. The group’s mission is to bring smiles to everyone across the world.

You can read about the unit’s members HERE and read an interview the group did with GSC’s CEO HERE.

NEXT SMILE! has also released a music video for “GOOD SMILE BRINGS FUTURE -NEXT SMILE!ver-“. You can check that out below.


Good Smile Company also released pictures of NEXT SMILE! from a recent photo shoot. You can check those out below.

GOOD SMILE NEXT’s website describes the project as follows:

When you hear the words “Good Smile”, what do you think of?
You might think of the smiles of people across the globe, or maybe the smiles on the faces of your family members when you’re together and can’t stop laughing.
All kinds of smiles probably pop up into your head.
We want to see even more of these smiles across the globe, so we’re embarking on a mission to send you the greatest smile of all.
It may be bold, but it’s just the challenge that we’re looking for our 20th Anniversary.

Takanori Aki, the CEO of Good Smile Company, provided the following message on the company as well as the project.

Good Smile Company originally started as a talent agency in May of 2001 together with just a few people. Now, the Good Smile Company group has grown to have over 800 staff members working across the globe. The idea behind the name was about expanding our network of smiles. So we took the word “Company”, meaning a group of people, and put the words “Good Smile” in front of it.

From the creators and workers, to our customers, the people we support.
To me, everyone is a part of the Company.

Otaku culture brings people together to enjoy others’ creations, to better understand each other.

Regardless of our differences, it creates a connection between us. When we’re connected, we have fun and we smile.

With the NEXT Project, Good Smile Company is dedicated to making brand new ways to create connections, and to create new smiles.

There is more planned in the future for GOOD SMILE NEXT, so please keep an eye on the project’s official website for more info.

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