oprainfall | Fairy Tail

oprainfall | Fairy Tail

Developer GUST Studios, and publisher Koei Tecmo America are very pleased to announce some new abilities in FAIRY TAIL. The title is their upcoming JRPG. They have unveiled the first glimpses of some of the magical abilities. This also includes the option for characters to join together in Unison Raids. That basically involves unleashing their magic spells at the same time to crush their foes. This ability first appeared in the FAIRY TAIL anime and manga. However, brand new spell combinations will be seen in the upcoming game, according to the press release.

FAIRY TAIL is going to launch for PC (Steam) on July 30th. On the following day, it will land on the Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America (on July 31st). The Steam version is already available to pre-order. A digital deluxe edition is also coming, with Grand Magic Games team costumes, a bonus Lacrima set, and the DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy. If you purchase any version of the game within a limited time from the launch date, you will also get the Miss FAIRY TAIL costume for Erza as an early purchase bonus.


A series of “Extreme Magic Spells” was also revealed, which include Kanna’s “Fairy Glitter” ability, Makarov’s “Giant” magic, and more. If your party should find itself caught in a spot of serious trouble, it can use the “Exceed Special” spell to turn things around. As is usually the case with magic, each spell has its own elemental affinity, which determines which types of enemies are weak or strong against it. Your characters can become stronger by accumulating experience points from the battles they encounter in their quest.

Using spells in FAIRY TAIL battles will fill your party’s “Awakening Gauge”. Upon filling it up, your characters can then be awakened, which allows them to use powerful magic. Each character has their own unique “Awakening Mode”, giving players more strategic options. You can find out more about the game at the official FAIRY TAIL website.

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