oddworld: soulstorm

Abe sets out on a new odyssey when Oddworld: Soulstorm releases on PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Epic and Steam, later this year.

We are using the power of PS5 to push Oddworld: Soulstorm toward a cinematic visual and storytelling leap over our previous titles. The game’s scope and scale are larger than we’ve tackled before,” said Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder. “Its technical achievements are capable of delivering stunning graphic fidelity and advanced 3D audio, and combined with its advanced DUALSENSE Wireless Controller, PS5 will enhance our storytelling and artistic abilities to create a deeper emotional connection to the Oddworld experience for fans to enjoy.”

From the developer:

Soulstorm is the second game in Abe’s heroic epic. Taking up where New ‘N’ Tasty ended, Abe has undergone a transformation from being a clueless Mudokon cog, literally about to be chewed up by the Glukkons’ mega-corporate machines, into an unlikely hero that rises to become a beacon of hope.

Revolutions start small but can gain traction quickly and Abe’s actions have not gone unnoticed. The well-funded and powerful opposition is increasingly rising against him albeit in devious and disinforming ways. In Soulstorm, Abe will uncover a terrifying machination, one that threatens to annihilate any hope of his people’s potential freedom. If Abe fails to conquer this challenge his people will never have a chance to be free.

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“The story arc of Abe’s transformation, and how that transformation effects change in large and small ways, and how his ripple effects can touch others and inspire them to take action in ways that will aid his journey,” Lanning said. “Soulstorm is the true sequel we have always wanted to make that would put that struggle into a more devious and dangerous construct for Abe and the player to decrypt. While it would be a wonderful world if the common consensus could decide some justice that needed to take place and that it would happen overnight, but when does life actually unfold like that?

“Changes start small and grow out of desperation as well as naivety, for if we understood how powerful and sneaky the forces against change can truly be and how they will fight every possible form of uprising in every inconceivable way…we would probably never have the courage to join the fight in the first place,” he added. “And this is certainly true for Abe, for had he any idea how intense things would become, how much is truly at stake, and the horrible secrets he would learn…he likely would never have found the courage to escape in the first place. But now that he is in too deep with nowhere else to go, he must find the power within himself to achieve the impossible.

Oddworld: Soulstorm retains the core gameplay of the series while adding new features like the Scavenger’s Economy System and Crafting. The game will also feature leaderboards, trophies, badges, and more.

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