VR animated movie Gloomy Eyes is now available on Oculus Quest, and all other VR-stores. This is a poetic and magical trilogy that follows the challenging story of a love between a zombie boy and a human girl. Check out the trailer below, and the press release below that for more on this title.




Latest ARTE VR Animation Movie Gloomy Eyes
is Out Now on Oculus Quest
Publisher and co-producer ARTE, with co-producers AtlasV, 3DAR, Ryot and HTC Vive Originals, are happy to announce that Gloomy Eyes, a VR animation movie narrated by Colin Farrell in English is available on Oculus Quest as well as all other VR-stores. This poetic and magical VR-trilogy, written and directed by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso and co-written by Santiago Amigorena, is now available on Oculus QuestSteamRift, and HTC Vive.
It tells the challenging love story between a zombie boy and a human girl in a town flooded by darkness, narrated by Colin Farrell (English), Tahar Rahim (French), Max Riemelt (German), Jorge Drexler (Spanish), Jam Hsiao (Chinese).
About Gloomy Eyes
When the sun grew tired of humanity, it hid, never to rise again. This darkness awoke the dead from their graves. In the midst of chaos, a zombie kid named Gloomy and a mortal girl, Nena, fall in love and form a deep connection that not even the most powerful man in town can destroy. Together, they might hold the key to make the endless night come to an end.
Award winner during several of the most distinguished interactive and film events such as Sundance 2019 (premiere), South by Southwest 2019, Annecy 2019 and Newlmages Festival 2019, Gloomy Eyes is now ready to meet its public on Oculus QuestSteamRift and HTC Vive. Written and directed by Argentinians Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso, co-written by Santiago Amigorena (Le Ghetto intérieur, The Good Old Daze and Back to Burgundy), co-produced by ARTE France, AtlasV, 3DAR, Ryot, HTC Vive Originals, Viveport, with the support of CNC, Unity, Sacem, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Procirep, this poetic and magical VR-experience evocative of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will immerse you in the very center of the action.
Gloomy Eyes is available in its “6 DOF” version on Oculus Quest for $US 7.99 and on SteamRift and HTC Vive for $US 8.99.
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