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Betties Bombers Announces a Two-Week Fundraising Event

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Betties Bombers is a non-profit organization based in New Jersey. It provides peer support for emergency medical services (EMS), police, firefighters, and veterans. They do this by using the video game medium to promote mental wellness. They are announcing a two-week fundraising event that will run from May 25th to June 7th. The event is meant to honor Military Appreciation/Mental Health Awareness Month (May), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month (June). The event will be taking place on Softgiving, which is a specialized fundraising platform.Betties Bombers | #BombTheStigma

During the two-week event, there will be a live stream as well. It will be available on both Twitch and Mixer. The live stream will happen in cooperation with Brigade Esports and Shotcall.gg. Details and sign-ups are available in the Betties Bombers Discord. There will also be a preliminary event hosted by the Brigade Esports Twitch channel on Saturday at 3:00pm EST and running for 12 to 24 hours.

Betties Bombers | Operation Mutual Aid


The event also aims to make more people aware of Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), their latest endeavor with a goal of raising $20,000. This money will go to Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for a US-based EMS squad, advertising, training, and certifications for volunteer peer specialists, and funding for their charity programs. The winning EMS team will be chosen by whichever person or streamer raises the most money during this campaign. Betties Bombers will also add a second selection, where a winning EMS team is drawn from a “virtual hat” during the week of June 8th. You can nominate an EMS team, by sending the following information to [email protected]¬†with the subject “Salute Nomination”:

  • Name of the EMS squad
  • Their email address
  • Their phone number
  • A link to their website or social media page

These nominations must be received by 12:00am EST on June 7th.

Also, during Operation Mutual Aid, Shotcall.gg is offering “playdates” where donors can sign up to get to play one-on-one with one of their favorite influencers. This is done by making a donation to reserve a playtime.


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