Making It Rainfall Week 31: Suited Up

Monday, May 18th, 2020

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Well folks, I admit I didn’t expect for Making It Rainfall to be back so soon, but Nintendo gave us reason to celebrate with the latest update. So our Super Mario Maker 2 based series of levels is back, at least for a short time. This week is all about those sexy new suits they released, but it’s not dedicated just to those. So long as each level focused on one or more suits, it was fair game for this week’s Making It Rainfall. There’s a lot of creativity on display, as usual. Let’s start with Font’s batch of clever levels.

Font’s Levels

Level 1 – MechaKoopa Sky Adventure
Course ID – L8V-JKL-MQF

Making It Rainfall | Mechakoopa Sky Adventure B

Mario will need to power up using a super acorn in this adventure through the skies. He’ll have to watch out though, as these skies are full of mecha koopas patrolling! Some of them have special weapons they can fire at Mario! Secret areas abound in the sky. There are three 50 coins waiting to be collected, and several 1-Ups as well.

As someone that hadn’t even thought to use the Mecha Koopas yet, I was really impressed by the creativity in this Making It Rainfall level. Although it looks upbeat and relaxing, it’s a dangerous gauntlet of mechanical death. Or it is if you’re not careful. Thankfully, it’s also pretty balanced, and when you’re not running from lasers and bullets, you’re tossing Mecha Koopas away to trigger switches and progress. Plus it’s just fun using the Super Acorn to glide around.

Making It Rainfall | Mechakoopa Sky Adventure C

Level 2 – Power Balloon Fortress
Course ID – 0T5-9X2-CWF

Making It Rainfall | Power Balloon Fortress B
It’s time to float through this dungeon using a power balloon. There are plenty of dangerous obstacles, though. From fire bars, to skewers, to lava, this dungeon is not a safe place! Slow and steady wins the race. Furthermore, its master Morton has eaten a super mushroom, and awaits you at the end! There are three 50 coins to find, and as always a few 1-Ups here and there.

Until I played this level, I forgot how fun the Power Balloon suit was. It’s used to great effect here, and it’s a really fun fort style stage with aerial acrobatics. Font’s not joking when he says slow and steady, cause more than once I died only because I was floating too fast. A fun and pointy level.

Making It Rainfall | Power Balloon Fortress C

Level 3 – Hectic Helmet Run

Making It Rainfall | Hectic Helmet Run B
Hectic Helmet Run sees Mario using various helmet powers to overcome whatever happens to be in his way. The desert is not very hospitable, so there aren’t many enemies around. The focus is more on puzzles and actions in this stage. There are three 50 coins to find, and one of them can secretly be made easier if you look somewhere nearby. A few 1-Ups are also hiding around as always.

This is a really good example of a puzzle level. There’s lots of tricks to utilize and various helmets to use. It’s not the most challenging, but I also died a couple times, so don’t get too complacent.

Making It Rainfall | Hectic Helmet Run C

Josh’s Levels

Level 4 – Boomeranging’
Course ID – NR7-HK8-BRF

Making It Rainfall | Boomeranging B

Use your boomerangs to grab all the coins!

My Making It Rainfall contributions are always on the short and sweet side, and this is no exception. That said, I did my best to make a puzzle oriented level focused all around the Boomerang suit. Your goal is to use your boomerangs to snag hard to reach coins. You’ll have to get them all to exit, so practice your timing and get ready to bounce around. Just watch out for a few annoying enemies to distract you.

Making It Rainfall | Boomeranging C

Level 5 – Phanto Panic
Course ID – XWT-894-01H

Making It Rainfall | Phanto Panic B

Are you brave enough to loot Phanto’s tomb? Use every tool available!

I have very fond memories of SMB2, and loved how it had so many unique features and characters. One that stuck with me to this day is Phanto, so when I saw he was added to Super Mario Maker 2, I knew I had to make a level around him. Think of this one as a harder version of my previous level. Originally it was gonna involve the SMB2 suit and sections of Banzai Bill riding, but that proved a bit frustrating, so I decided to make it an unholy tomb to Phanto instead. Mario is grave robbing now, and Phanto will be in hot pursuit. Make sure to use your Link abilities to get through the obstacles. And just to make things interesting, there’s two ways to play. You can collect all the coins out in the open, and you’ll have just enough to squeak by. Or you can bomb open Phanto’s icy face, and steal a ton of coins. Either way, get ready to run!

Making It Rainfall | Phanto Panic C

Level 6 – Lemmy’s Shock Trap
Course ID – 8HD-S40-29G

Making It Rainfall | Lemmy's Shock Trap B

Use the Frog Suit to navigate an aquatic labyrinth and beat Lemmy.

I love the Frog Suit, but sometimes it makes things a bit too easy. So I jammed an underwater gauntlet full of jellyfish, Cheep Cheep and fire bars, and let you dive through it. But it’s not over once you reach the pipe, oh no. You then have to battle Lemmy and his pet Chain Chomps. You can do so as vanilla Mario, but the pipe will keep spitting Frog Suits to help out. Just be careful not to fall off the donut blocks, cause below Lemmy’s chamber is nothing but fiery death.

Making It Rainfall | Lemmy's Shock Trap C

Ken’s Levels

Level 7 – Mario Adventure Island
Course ID – D9J-JSK-YDG

Making It Rainfall | Mario Adventure Island B

Mario takes over for Hudson & M. Wigins. 2 paths, 2 hats to get those coins.

This Making It Rainfall level is a loving tribute to Adventure Island. Sure, Mario can’t ride a skateboard, but he can use a boomerang! Though I really enjoyed this area, especially the various routes, it makes me wish there were some dinosaur enemies in Super Mario Maker 2. Overall a fun and moderately challenging level.

Making It Rainfall | Mario Adventure Island C

Level 8 – Suit Tutorial

Making It Rainfall | Suit Tutorial B

Mario needs to get those coins, use each power up to do so.

This is a wild level full of ideas. You’ll need to use each suit properly to nab all the red coins necessary to open up the exit. A very fun area, but I did miss one red coin and had to backtrack quite a bit. The clock was yelling at me, so make sure you open every door and jump down every pipe on your way to the exit.

Making It Rainfall | Suit Tutorial C

Level 9 – Area 2: Swim Better than a Turtle
Course ID – QB0-P0R-PBG

Making It Rainfall | Swim Better B

Inspired by the hard NES water level, but you can beat it in a puff. Pizza time.

As a fan of all things TMNT growing up, I approve of the inspiration for this one. It also brings home the fact I should have used the Power Balloon this week! A really perilous obstacle course full of fire and other hazards, but one that’s also very fun and fast. I don’t recall any TMNT level being this breezy, but maybe that’s cause Mario doesn’t have to worry about Shredder, Bebop or Rocksteady…

Making It Rainfall | Swim Better C

We hope you enjoyed these latest Making It Rainfall levels. There’s gonna be a few more installments, culminating in something really special. Stay tuned to oprainfall for another one in June!

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