After many months of anticipation for some, and dread on my part, Capcom have finally released the remake to the polarizing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

As someone who would say that the third entry in the Resident Evil franchise is their favorite, I was sure that I would be going through the game with a microscope, making note of all the missteps the remake made when compared to the original, and this video is a result of that “passion”.

Resident Evil 3 often gets a bad rap for reasons that are beyond me. Many people are more impressed with Code: Veronica. While that game may have more impressive graphics, Resident Evil 3 is not to be dismissed, as it introduced a lot of mechanics and quality of life improvements that the franchise still uses today.

So for me, the remake had big shoes to fill, and while I was impressed with Capcom’s previous remake of Resident Evil 2, I was still concerned with what they would do to try to “rectify” the black sheep of the franchise.

Join me for almost 45 minutes as I go step by step to analyse what the remake did better and what it did worse.

Welcome to Resident Evil 3 Remake – My Own Nemesis.

(Also, special thanks to corrupted_save regular Shlotz for my water mark)

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