Well folks, you know what time it is. It’s time for another Nintendo Download! I really have grown to appreciate running this segment the last few weeks, and find it’s a welcome distraction from the insanity of “real life”. There’s a lot of interesting featured titles this week, as well as the typical sales and digital games to check out. Let’s start with 4 very different games.

Nintendo Download | SuperMash

Perhaps the most interesting featured title this week is one I’m also going to be covering personally in the next few days. It’s called SuperMash, and it’s a tribute to retro games. You literally mash together two different game genres, and play a mini game based off elements of both. So far it’s a very unique experience, but you can read more once my impressions piece goes live. The next title is called Void Bastards. It’s a rogue space shooter with a great visual aesthetic. If you prefer more kinetic gaming, you might enjoy Huntdown. It has you hunt and kill foes in a lush 16 bit style, either solo or with a friend. Finally, if you want to race down a mountain on a bike, you might enjoy Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Next up, let’s check out some sales for this Nintendo Download.

Nintendo Download | Relic Hunters Zero Remix

The Game Guide has graced us with the following discounts. If you want to blast some foes, try Gun Crazy for only $3.99; for a tremendous tactical RPG, try Children of Zodiarcs for $15.99; for a rogue bloodbath, try Alder’s Blood for $14.99; for platforming mania, try SpeedRunners for $7.49; for RPG fun at a theme park, try Heroland for $19.99; or for a fantasy adventure focused on family, try Children of Morta for $14.73; to try something unique, check out The Tenth Line Special Edition for $6.49; to manage some corpses, try Graveyard Keeper for $9.99; for a game that’s quackers, try Blazing Beaks for $1.99; or for a cute platformer, try Venture Kid for $1.49; for some mecha fun, try Gigantic Army for $4.94; for a fun RPG check out Legrand Legacy for $9.99; for Touhou strategy, try Gensokyo Defenders for $9.99; to hatch some fun, try Bomb Chicken for $7.49; and lastly, you can enjoy old school fun in Yooka-Laylee for $13.59. To see the other discounted Switch games, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Gerritory

For next week’s Nintendo Download, there’s a few games you can anticipate. First up is She Sees Red – Interactive Movie. If you prefer flying and blasting, there’s Jet Lancer. And lastly, fans of high fantasy might enjoy The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Nintendo Download | Jet Lancer

Now for this week’s Nintendo Download digital games. Buckle up, cause there’s a lot of them. If you enjoy cute puzzle games, you’ll likely enjoy Gerritory and Monochrome World. For games full of action, try these – Feathery Ears, Fury Unleashed, Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl, Relic Hunters Zero: Remix, Slayin 2 and Task Force Kampas. To get your fill of platforming, try Finding Teddy 2 : Definitive Edition, FLATLAND Vol.1, Gravity Rider Zero, Infinite – Beyond the Mind and Megabyte Punch. FPS fans might enjoy Cloudbase Prime. To try your hand at games with old school roots, try Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game. And finally, for three very different games, try these – Fledgling Heroes, Spirit of the North and STONE.

Nintendo Download | Idle Champions

A pretty good mix of games, if I say so myself. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly Nintendo Download, and be sure to enjoy some great Nintendo games while isolated at home!

Nintendo Download | Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl

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