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Harakiri! Geisha Girls | Teaser

It’s time to rally the visual novel supporters as we have a new campaign in Harakiri Geisha Girls. So what even is this? To clarify, this is a new story from the folks over at Abracadabra Inc, whom specialize in otome titles. For instance, their works include Princess of the Moon Ultimate and Sealed with a Kiss.  However, in an effort to gain more male supporters they’re doing something completely different. Furthermore, they need your help to improve on it. A free-to-play mobile visual novel and they want voice acting. The development team hopes that with the $4,683 base goal, they’ll be able to get it done. They’ve also prepared ranging all the way to $46,000-ish dollars to fund the Steam release with lewd content. Help bring these wonderful character designs to life today for as low as $5 in the next 34 days. Good luck Abracadabra!

So, want to know more about the story of Harakiri Geisha Girls?

Our story takes place in Nippon, a fantastic place that some of you may say has a resemblance to modern Japan. The protagonist, a native Nipponjin otaku who grew up in the United States and has a thing for samurai, decides to go back to Nippon and drops off at Fujiyama High, a prestigious school known for churning out the best freshly-baked samurai.

The girls in this school are all Geisha performers and aim to become the ultimate Geisha by gaining the title of ‘Idol’. For plot purposes, the protagonist who has now become a special scholarship student at Fujiyama High is subject to one debatable condition: if he fails to earn the trust of his fellow students in a week, he must undergo HARAKIRI!

The protagonist found a group called Shinsengumi and starts creating bonds of trust with the girls at the school

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