During these crazy times of pandemic, lots of aspects of our society have been forced to adjust. And I’ve rolled with many of the punches, but the news today from the Indie MEGABOOTH hit me like a gut punch. Because of how the coronavirus has shut down events, especially many video game industry ones like GDC and E3, the Indie MEGABOOTH will be going on indefinite hiatus starting in May. As a constant fan of the indie scene, and just a gamer who always found something awesome at the Indie MEGABOOTH every year I attended PAX West, that’s a giant source of sadness.

Indie MEGABOOTH | Kelly

The news was revealed by Kelly Wallick in a farewell (for now) letter on the IMB site. To help soften the disappointment and sadness of fans, Kelly revealed that the Indie MEGABOOTH will be offering a Steam sale from May 5 – 12, where fans can pay what they want for a whole bunch of great indies. Or if you’re flush with cash and want to help, you can also contribute to the IMB directly via their PayPal link.

Indie MEGABOOTH | sale

I think the most important thing about this news is to keep in mind that IMB is going on indefinite hiatus. That’s not necessarily the same as closing their doors. The Indie MEGABOOTH has been up and running for 9 years now, and I’m confident it will take more than a global pandemic to keep it down. At least if we all help support these great indies. So I would strongly recommend we all help support these developers as much as we can next month, and help spread the love whenever you discover some indie gold. I also personally want to thank Kelly and the IMB for all the great gaming they’ve provided me over the last few years. Here’s hoping that once life returns to normal, the Indie MEGABOOTH will resurrect itself and continue spreading awareness of hidden gems in the game industry! Lastly, if you want to communicate with the IMB folks online, you can do so via their Twitter and Discord.

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Josh Speer
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