oprainfall | HyperParasite

oprainfall | HyperParasite


Retro, rogue-lite, twin-stick shooter, HyperParasite, has arrived on all major platforms today. Developer Troglobytes Games are excited to unleash it on the world. The game is now available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. It has a price tag of $17.99, and players will get a launch discount if they get the game before mid-April. For those that get it on the Switch, you can get a 50% discount if you buy directly from publisher, QubicGames. Otherwise, you’ll get the normal 33% launch discount. The game supports English, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Here is the HyperParasite launch trailer:


In HyperParasite, players are a body-snatching alien with a massive grudge against humanity. They can collect and control a cast of more than 60 different characters. Jump from the body of one host to another as you wreak havoc. The game will throw at you five acts of grungy, procedurally generated levels where secrets abound. The game sets out to create a unique twist on its genre, and has a strong retro 80’s theme. CEO of Trologbytes Games, Saverio Caporusso, commented on the game finally reaching launch day:

“After the success of Early Access on Steam, the Troglobytes Games team are ecstatic at finally releasing the game across all platforms. We hope that players all over the world enjoy being taken back to the sights and sounds of the 80s. Don’t be a dweeb, be bodacious and play HyperParasite now! Get ready to go back to 1980-something, you’re gonna see some serious shit!”

You can find out more about HyperParasite at the official website.

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