Zelda-style action-RPG MYSTIQA is returning to its 16-bit roots after a graphics overhaul, says developer Julian Creutz.

The procedurally-generated top-down game originally began development with a 16-bit style, but after taking a break in 2019, Creutz brought the game back into the public view using a low-resolution 8-bit style. After fan feedback saying they preferred the 16-bit style, Creutz revamped the game. Creutz also launched a Kickstarter to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. The crowdfunding campaign is also for a soundtrack by Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Sparklite), and Hiroki Kiktua (Secret of Mana). The Kickstarter still has two weeks to go and is roughly 50% funded.

Regardless of funding, MYSTIQA will release on Steam in September 2020.

Copies of MYSTIQA are available at the €10 (approximately $11 USD) backer level with the game’s soundtrack and the ability to design various elements of the game, such as items, spells, monsters, bosses, and even a custom biome available at higher pledge levels. Stretch goals include an expanded soundtrack with a title theme by Hiroki Kikuta and individualized boss themes, daily challenges, a release on Nintendo Switch, and additional game modes.

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Key Features

  • Procedurally-generated world with a heavy focus on exploration
  • Rewarding action-RPG combat that emphasizes skill, not grinding
  • Epic bosses scattered through the game’s dungeons and overworld
  • Sweet loot system with rarer items dropped by the game’s bosses
  • Strength in numbers with 4-player local multiplayer
  • Diverse and devastating magical spells with unique elemental effects
  • A grandiose orchestral soundtrack by Dale North
Leah McDonald
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