Well guys and gals, it’s time for some good news / bad news. The good news is, it’s time for another segment of Making It Rainfall, oprainfall’s ongoing feature that presents custom themed stages using Super Mario Maker 2. The bad news is, this will be the last one for a while. Mostly cause I personally have less flexibility to do creative things like this in the current pandemic atmosphere. It’s just hard to be upbeat and happy go lucky when you’re regularly anxious. But, that’s doesn’t mean this is the last Making It Rainfall, just the last one for the immediate future. Hopefully the pandemic dies down sooner than later, cause once it does, I wager it won’t be long til we’re back.

The theme for today’s Making It Rainfall is, unsurprisingly, Outbreak. Because you can’t go anywhere without seeing news about virus this or death that. But we’re trying to explore the theme with a bit more lightness than you’ll generally find, and I’m proud of what we came up with. First, let’s check out what Michael Fontanini came up with to explore this theme.

Font’s Levels

Level 1 – Germ Blaster
Course ID – P3Q-V5C-6NF

Making It Rainfall | Germ Blaster 2

Dr. Mario has shrunk down and entered a patient’s blood stream to rid it of the nasty germs that are causing sickness! He’ll pilot a microscopic koopa clown car and use it to shoot down those pesky germs. However, he’ll need to be careful, as some of them have defenses! There are 60 germs to destroy in total. Dr. Mario can also find two 50 coins in this stage, and a few hidden 1-Ups, too.

I really enjoyed this level. Thematically it’s perfect, and it was creative how Font used a Clown Car in an underwater setting. While there’s no Dr. Mario skin, I liked the idea of him shrinking down to kill germs. Those germs are all Blooper shaped, and they can definitely get you if you’re not careful. Also watch out for cannons and other traps as you navigate the watery depths.

Making It Rainfall | Germ Blaster 3

Level 2 – Goomba Scourge
Course ID – 3SH-YLW-GVF

Making It Rainfall | Goomba Scourge 2

The goombas have bred out of control in the Mushroom Kingdom sewers! As a result, they are bursting out onto the surface and causing problems for everyone! Jump on as many as you can on your way to the goal! There are two 50 coins to be found in this stage, and as usual a few 1-Ups are also hiding here and there.

Whereas the previous level is all about carefully navigating and destroying a set number of pests, this one is all about a never ending scourge of Goombas! It’s much more of a platforming level, though it’s not too hard. The trickiest part involves using a P-Switch to get higher up towards the exit. And if Goombas don’t say virus, I don’t know what does.

Making It Rainfall | Goomba Scourge 3

Level 3 – Link’s Dungeon Escape
Course ID – WB8-BMF-WSF

Making It Rainfall | Link's Dungeon Escape 2

Link has been locked away in a dark dungeon! He must now escape, but the guards are onto him. Every so often, they burst out of the walls in pursuit! Link can find three 50 coins in this level, though two of them are a bit tougher to reach than in the other two levels. The two trickier ones involve platforming challenges, with the third and final 50 coin being the hardest to get. A few elusive 1-Ups are also hiding around the dungeon.

Instead of an outbreak, this Making It Rainfall level is more of a “breakout” theme. But it’s well made and challenging, so I’m fine with that. This stage is built so that even if you lose your Link suit, you’ll be able to beat it. It’s just more difficult that way. There’s lots of nasty Bob-Ombs and moles to harass you, but patience and timing should get you to the exit.

Making It Rainfall | Link's Dungeon Escape 3

Josh’s Levels

Level 4 – Overgrown Weeds
Course ID – M8M-H9N-NTF

Making It Rainfall | Overgrown Weeds 2

Piranha plants have infested the building, shorting out the lights.

I’m gonna be frank. I usually feel like the weakest link when it comes to my stage design for Making It Rainfall, but I’m kinda proud of this one. I took the outbreak theme to an interesting place, and made it make sense functionally. There’s tons of Piranha plants here, and they want nothing more than to gobble up or burn Mario. Use some well placed Fire Flowers to get to safety!

Making It Rainfall | Overgrown Weeds 3

Level 5 – All you can Cheep Buffet
Course ID – 9PX-R1H-SKF

Making It Rainfall | All You Can Cheep Buffet 2

Cheep Cheep flooded Mario’s fave sushi joint! Grab enough cash for repairs.

I’ve been told that this level, which I categorized as short and sweet, is neither. But that’s okay, cause I think it’s fun, albeit challenging. The name of the game is collecting 100 coins to open up the exit. All that blocks your path is a school of crazed Cheep Cheep. And you without a Mushroom… Practice your timing and swim to victory!

Making It Rainfall | All You Can Cheep Buffet 3

Level 6 – The Bony Dead
Course ID – 95S-KKR-FVF

Making It Rainfall | The Bony Dead 2

Kamek’s dark magic started an undead invasion! Defeat the Dry Bone King.

What better expression of an outbreak than a zombie apocalypse? I had a lot of fun with this level, and filled it with fire, lava and Dry Bones aplenty. They’ll even parachute into your path. Since your only means of safety is Dry Bones shells, you’ll need to avoid getting damaged to safely progress. It’s not all that hard, but you’ll do well to pay attention to fire bars and sprint past zombies. A fun Making It Rainfall jaunt.

Making It Rainfall | The Bony Dead 3

Ken’s Levels

Level 7 – Remove the wiggle infected.
Course ID – THH-8P2-84G

Making It Rainfall | Remove the Wiggle Infected 2

Infected wigglers are poisoning the water, take them out with the clown copter. Inspired by classic game Choplifter. Hidden way to defeat them without dropping bombs in level.

I really enjoyed this Making It Rainfall level. The theme of Wigglers poisoning the water is unique, as is bombing them with a Link piloted Clown Car! Though I did get sidetracked wandering around, it’s a fun and not too harrowing adventure.

Making It Rainfall | Remove the Wiggle Infected 3

Level 8 – Poison mushrooms just want a hug.
Course ID – R6H-XXB-Y0H

Making It Rainfall | Poison Mushrooms Want a Hug 2

Small stage all about staying above the troubles down below. Fall and you are doomed.

Ken wasn’t joking when he said this was a small stage. You can beat it in probably less than a couple minutes. But he makes up for that by packing it full to bursting with poison mushrooms! I only died once playing this, but it’s a very clever idea.

Making It Rainfall | Poison Mushrooms Want a Hug 3

Level 9 – Keep your distance, no touching.
Course ID – 95L-65P-JBG

Making It Rainfall | Keep Your Distance 2

Practice keeping your distance and don’t let an enemy touch you or it’s all over. Yoshi only offers so much protection.
100 Coins to find.

I found this to be a perfectly clever exploration of this month’s Making It Rainfall theme. After all, we’re being told every day to avoid contact with others, so why not turn that into a level concept? You’ll have some tools at your disposal like Yoshi, but be wary. This is a tough level if you’re not careful, and there’s lots of frenetic foes ready to force you to start over.

Making It Rainfall | Keep Your Distance 3

And that’s it for this month’s Making It Rainfall. Be sure you all stay safe and enjoy gaming at home if possible. Hopefully this series will return sooner than later.

Josh Speer
Josh is a passionate gamer, finding time to clock in around 30-40 hours of gaming a week. He discovered Operation Rainfall while avidly following the localization of the Big 3 Wii RPGs. He enjoys SHMUPS, Platformers, RPGs, Roguelikes and the occasional Fighter. He’s also an unashamedly giant Mega Man fan, having played the series since he was eight. As Head Editor and Review Manager, he spends far too much time editing reviews and random articles. In his limited spare time he devours indies whole and anticipates the release of quirky, unpredictable and innovative games.