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oprainfall | Dragon Marked for Death


The Dragon Marked for Death v3.0.0 update will land on April 21st, 2020. The RPG game is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop already, but the new update is set to add a bunch of new stuff next month. Two new playable characters will be added for free according to the press release: The Oracle and Bandit. Also added are new weapon types, powering up weapons, level caps have been raised, and more. The press release says that The Oracle will unlock once the player meets “certain requirements” in the main storyline. On the other hand, the Bandit will unlock when you meet “certain requirements” in the DLC Scenario: “The Dragonblood Bandit”.  As with the previous four playable characters, the two new ones have four different Japanese voices to choose from.

You can find out more at the official Dragon Marked for Death website: Below is information on the two new playable characters in the Dragon Marked for Death v3.0.0 update and their voice actors.


New Character: The Oracle

Dragon Marked For Death | The Oracle

The Dragonblood Oracle is reincarnated once every century, bearing the Dragon Scar upon her back. Able to communicate with the Astral Dragon, she can channel his power through the Dragon Wings on her own back. This allows The Oracle to use the Astral Dragon’s willpower and magical abilities as if they were her own. This power can manipulate giant weapons and copy them via magic. Using magic focus, she can also cast helpful spells on her allies and herself. These include attack spells aligned with the element of her dragon contract.

Dragon Marked for Death | The Oracle - Slash Form
In the Slash Form, The Oracle commands her great swords, dealing a lot of damage. The attack leaves her vulnerable, though.

Dragon Marked for Death | The Oracle - Quick Spell
The Quick spell boosts her movement speed, and varies with magic incantations.


Here are the four voice actors for The Oracle:

Dragon Marked for Death | The Oracle - Voice Actors
From left to right: Yui Ogura, Miyu Tomita, Saori Hayami, and Yui Horie


New Character: The Bandit

Dragon Marked for Death | The Bandit

A young man of the Dragonblood Clan, the Bandit bears the Dragon Scar upon his hand. He specializes in luck and his fist wields the power of the Astral Dragon Atruum. It varies according to the dragon contract he has chosen. This power has the dark ability to steal the very life force of any living thing. Stolen energy can then be crystalized to form relics. These magic items can cause a host of various phenomena.

Dragon Marked for Death - The Bandit | Dragon Claw
The Dragon Claw move causes his arm to swell, as it thrusts forward to grab an enemy.

Dragon Marked for Death | The Bandit - Thunder Relic
With the thunder relic, The Bandit does a quick forward dash during which he is invulnerable. The attack is thus also great for dodging.


Here are the four voice actors for The Bandit:

Dragon Marked for Death | The Bandit - Voice Actors
From left to right: Yuki Kaji, Daisuke Kishio, Kenta Tanaka, and Daiki Yamashita
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