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During the HHW@CiRCLE 3rd Anniversary Special stream, a new band coming to BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! was introduced. The band is called Morfonica and they will be added to the mobile game on March 16. Morfonica is described as follows:

A girls band formed by first-year students from the prestigious rich school Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy.

The band members, their profiles, as well as their 3-star card image previews are as follows (translations provided by iviachupichu):

Vocalist: Kurata Mashiro

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A quiet and reserved girl. Though she aspired for Tsukinomori and got in, she was overwhelmed by the talented individuals around her. She felt down every day until she stumbled upon a band… She’s full of imagination and tends to get lost in her fantasies.

Guitarist: Kirigaya Touko

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A popular girl who gathers people around her both at school and on social media. Cheerful and open-hearted, but those around her are often caught up by her tendency to play things by ear.

Bassist: Hiromachi Nanami

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A somewhat peculiar girl who longs to be normal. She worries about standing out and hides her true self in order to blend in.

Drummer: Futaba Tsukushi

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A class president who’s always full of confidence. Though she tries her best, her clumsiness comes out now and then. She works tirelessly to become a reliable, trustworthy person.

Violinist: Yashio Rui

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A talented individual who is always at the top of her class. She has a dry personality and always aims to be on top. She cast away pointless things and music, but upon meeting Mashiro and friends…

Morfonica’s introduction video as well as a short MV for their song “Daylight” can be seen below.

Introduction Video


“Daylight” Short MV


Morfonica joins BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! on March 16 and you can reach the band’s official website HERE. What do you think of this new group?

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