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Panzer Paladin Hack and Slashing to Summer Release

I’ve previously stated how I’m really excited for Panzer Paladin, despite not having demoed it yet. So I won’t rehash that whole can of worms again. What I will do is say how excited I am that now Tribute Games has announced a release window, and it’s not that far away. And while there’s a part of me that bemoans not having a chance to try it out before the pending release, I’m much more excited to announce it’s coming to PC and Nintendo Switch this Summer!

Panzer Paladin | Logo

While I’m planning on playing Panzer Paladin on my trusty Nintendo Switch, Steam is also a good option, and you can wishlist it here. The game is a hybrid of sword & sorcery and armored mecha, and I love that mixture. You can apparently fight in your mech or exit and fight as a tiny pilot, and it reminds me a lot stylistically of the recently remade Blaster Master Zero games. Which is a good sign, especially for this fan of retro games.

Panzer Paladin | Grapple

But just cause I likely won’t demo Panzer Paladin before it releases doesn’t mean you can’t. If you’re attending PAX East, it will have a booth, as well as brand new content in the demo. Plus, the Tribute Games folks will be handing out pogs! No, you didn’t hear me wrong, they have special pogs. Oh and they’ll also have instruction guides to help you face demonic invasions. So yes, I really wish I was attending PAX East this year, but hopefully you can enjoy it in my stead. Or you can just tune into Tribute’s Instagram feed for some pretty pictures from the event.

Panzer Paladin | Fight

Be sure to stay tuned for oprainfall for more info for Panzer Paladin as it hits, and hopefully that will include some review coverage later this year!

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