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Himeko Maid | Swimsuits

We finally have a release date for the major lewd adventure Himeko Maid. The term, in use by Toffer Team, characterizes his short visual novels with major emphasis on sexual content presentation. In the past months, we’ve seen this developer blossom through his release of Hikari Clover Rescue and Hikari Love Potion. We even reviewed the latter. However, it’s time for him to take a different direction. Furthermore, it’s a direction that I believe he will find great success in: Yuri. The small developer on the rise finally announced that his next project will release in a mere matter of days, February 27th. It hopes to win over many perverted readers through it’s new art direction and wonderful character design. As of right now, the game only has one confirmed release platform in Nutaku. When asked about the Steam, the developer states that they are working towards it.


What do we know about the plot of Himeko Maid?

A wholesome, cute story about a maid competition with branching exploration elements and a lot of girl-on-girl action.

While not much is known about the plot, the characters are already public knowledge. You may view the list here. If you wanna learn more about the developer and his philosophy behind lewd game design, consider reading our interview.


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