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Normally speaking, I’m not a fan of ARPGs. I generally prefer turn based affairs. That said, I do get attracted to sexy pixel art and sprite-work. Which brings us to UnDungeon. It’s a stylish ARPG with rogue elements and multiple playable characters. It’s also an isometric style game, which is very old school, but can definitely work on occasion. I honestly don’t know a hell of a lot about UnDungeon, other than it’s slated to release Q4 2020 and being published by tinyBuild. I also know it will be playable at PAX East, just look for the orange tinyBuild booth.

Undungeon | Trees

To see more details, as well as a stylish trailer, keep on reading.

Undungeon | Boss

About the game

  • UnDungeon is a beautiful and complex Action/RPG pixelart game with a rich background, immersive story and seven unique characters
  • As a player, you act as one of the Heralds, each of whom comes from a particular world destroyed by the Shift. The Herald moves across a procedurally-generated map which is divided into regions relating to the different worlds. He or she visits various locations communicating, fighting, and trading with other inhabitants.
  • All combat takes place in real-time. A character uses artifacts and amplifiers that can be combined, enabling the Herald to adapt to all possible threats.
  • UnDungeon is created in the isometric perspective: hand-drawn pixelart is combined with a large number of animation frames and extremely high detail.
  • PC release is planned for Q4 2020
Josh Speer
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