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Howdy, guys and gals! Would have been here earlier, but I was busy working on a review. If you follow my Twitter account, @SpeerofD3stiny, you probably noticed one of my trademark sporadic screenshot dumps for a game called KUNAI. You can find out more details when my review hits soon, but long story short, that is part of why I got to today’s Nintendo Download later than expected. That said, the first Nintendo Download of February is a bit short, only having two featured titles, but there’s still some sales and a good amount of digital goodies. Let’s start with what may be the first game I’ll end up playing from CD PROJEKT RED.

Nintendo Download | Thronebreaker

I’m not a big fan of open world anything. That’s why I have yet to get close to beating Breath of the Wild, and why I usually refrain from playing series like Skyrim. That said, I have always found the lore and style of The Witcher universe compelling. That’s part of why I recently added the Netflix series to my queue, and also why this next game is more than a bit intriguing. See, while I don’t love open world games, I do like more traditional RPG experiences. And Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is a mix of a old school RPG, puzzles and card game mechanics. Which all sounds fantastic, at least to me. But that’s not the only featured title for today’s Nintendo Download. We also have the very quirky looking Knights and Bikes. I’m not quite sure what genre the game is, but it apparently involves a pair of friends and their pet, Captain Honkers, exploring an ancient island. Which really doesn’t tell me much of anything, but hopefully it helps inform you kind folks. Oh and it’s also by Double Fine, so that might tell you more. Now let’s continue with some sales courtesy of the Game Guide.

Nintendo Download | Knights and Bikes

First off, if you love retro and like bargains, you might wanna jump on the Oniken: Unstoppable Edition & Odallus the Dark Call Bundle for only $4.99; for something utterly strange, check out Roombo: First Blood for $3.99; for a crazy adventure, try STEINS;GATE 0 for $20.99; or if you need more, try STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace for $20.99; to explore a fantasy realm with friends, try Children of Morta for $15.39; to enjoy a steep discount, try Rimelands: Hammer of Thor for $2.49; if you like absurd titles, try YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. for $29.99; for some sci-fi fun, check out AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES for $35.99; to soar through the prehistoric, try Jet Kave Adventure for $13.99; for a cheap little SHMUP, try Q-YO Blaster for $0.99; if you wanted more from Spike Chunsoft, try STEINS;GATE ELITE for $23.99; for the thrifty minded, you might enjoy A Ch’ti Bundle for $4.79; or to lucha against fate, try Guacamelee! 2 for $9.99; and lastly, for another amazing discount, try Toby: The Secret Mine for only $0.99. To see everything else, just click here.

Nintendo Download | The Man With The Ivory Cane

There’s only a few digital darlings for next week’s Nintendo Download. Fans of platformers and puzzles might try their hand at Cosmonauta. If you love chaos and multiplayer, try Thief Town. And lastly, for a unusual adventure experience, try ELEA: Paradigm Shift. Now let’s continue with the bucket full of games out this week.

Nintendo Download | SAINT DRAGON

If you wanted some digital fun this week of the Nintendo Download, get ready *cracks knuckles*. Fans of retro only have one option this week, Arcade Archives SAINT DRAGON. If you enjoy a brain scratcher, check out EQQO, SEN and The Turing Test. For something that reminds me a bit of WarioWare, try Zero Zero Zero Zero. Or for a musical adventure, try Rolling Sky. If you love adventure games, then you’re in luck with the following – Code: Realize -Guardian of Rebirth-, The Man With The Ivory Cane, Nerved and The Town of Light: Deluxe Edition. And finally, for a very different and creative Metroidvania, check out KUNAI.

Nintendo Download | KUNAI

All in all, a great start to February. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly Nintendo Download, and be sure to tune in next week!

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