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Well guys and gals, January is almost over, so why not celebrate with a packed Nintendo Download? Cause I don’t know about you, but I need a little celebration. It’s been a rough month. Thankfully, video games serve as a heady tonic for alleviating my woes. Today’s Nintendo Download has a few showcased titles, some quirky events to check out, the usual sales and even a nice selection of digital games. Let’s get started with a strange trio of games.

Nintendo Download | Stranger's Wrath

I never got into the Oddworld series, despite finding the unusual art and mechanics somewhat compelling. So naturally I’m intrigued by Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. Granted, it’s very different stylistically than the Oddworld I’m familiar with, focusing more on first person mayhem. It also has a distinct Western vibe to it that I don’t normally associate with the series. But nevertheless, it’s an interesting looking project. If you’re not convinced, please stay tuned in the coming weeks for oprainfall’s official review of Stranger’s Wrath. The next title is even stranger looking, and has a title that matches – Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. It’s an adventure game about a phantom highway that calls to lost souls. The original game was released over the course of years in various episodes, but this edition captures the entire episodic arc in one handy package. Lastly, we close out the featured titles with Mosaic. This dark surrealist adventure starts calm, and quickly descends into madness, mashing together childhood horrors and adult dread. Definitely an eclectic mix of choices this week. Let’s continue the Nintendo Download with a few events.

Nintendo Download | XX Mission

  • Print Your Own Fashionable Box Art for a Hyper Stylish Game – To celebrate the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore game launch, My Nintendo is offering the printable box art cover and wallpaper rewards, which can be downloaded by redeeming My Nintendo Points*. Your desktop and media shelves are now in danger … of looking fabulous!
  • Sport Your Love for Nintendo Switch Games With Exclusive Clothing – My Nintendo members can now purchase new shirts and hoodies featuring designs from Nintendo Switch games, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and The
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    Redeem My Nintendo Points to Get a Seven-Day Trial for Nintendo Switch Online** – Get ready for online play with your friends and family. Redeem 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points* and enjoy Nintendo Switch Online for seven days!

Nintendo Download | FoxyLand 2

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo Download without some sales, so let’s see what the Game Guide has to offer. Though there’s no special sales this week, there’s still some discounts worth checking out. Fans of spoopy games can check out Red Bow for $3.99; if you prefer puzzles, check out Puzzle & Dragons GOLD for $9.99; for something different, try Regions of Ruin for $7.49; to blast some bugs, try Killer Queen Black for $9.99; fans of simple fun might enjoy Whipseey for $2.99; or for something violent and stylish, try Akane for $0.99; for a fun yet flawed platformer, try Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom for $19.99; for hardcore exterminating, try The Bug Butcher for $3.99; if you want a great discount on a fun RPG, try Earthlock for $5.98; or for another discount on a SHMUP, try Dimension Drive for only $1.94; and finally, to experience the last game by Two Tribes, try RIVE: Ultimate Edition for $4.94. To see the other discounts, just click here.

Nintendo Download | CODE SHIFTER

The following digital titles will be available during the week of the next Nintendo Download. If you enjoy games like VA-11 Hall-A but wanted more caffeine, look forward to Coffee Talk. If you love racing games and neon colors, get ready for Music Racer. And lastly, if you’re a big fan of Arc System Works franchises but prefer platformers, stay tuned for CODE SHIFTER.

Nintendo Download | Lumini

Now get ready, cause the rest of the digital titles are all out this week. If you love retro, then check out this handful of games – Arcade Archives Bells & Whistles and XX Mission, and SEGA AGES Fantasy Zone and Shinobi. If you’re in the mood for some horror, try Escape from Chernobyl, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and Season Two. Puzzle fanatics can test their intelligence with these – OmoTomO, Orn: The Tiny Forest Sprite, Refreshing Sideways Puzzle Ghost Hammer and Sleep Attack. For some frenetic party style action, you might enjoy JEWEL WARS and SpeedRunners. To blast something to smithereens, try PuPaiPo Space Deluxe. If you need something relaxing, try FoxyLand 2, Lumini and Sinless. And for a tribute to games of old, look no further than 198X.

Nintendo Download | Coffee Talk

It’s always nice when things pick up at the end of a month. Thanks for joining us at oprainfall for your weekly Nintendo Download, and be sure to tune in next time for even more Nintendo goodies.

Nintendo Download | 198X

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