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A new update for River City Girls has been released on steam. What makes this update noteworthy is that it addresses a couple areas where the game received a significant amount of criticism from both the community and in my review. Below are the version 1.1 release notes from the game’s page on Steam:

• The input for transitioning between areas and interacting with NPCs has been updated! Hold down the attack button to perform the action.
• Books now provide the intended effects for all characters.
• Riki’s shadow combo has been adjusted to remain onscreen.
• The ending following the secret boss encounter now has altered dialogue.
• Various additional improvements and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, this update is only available on Steam at the moment. We have yet to hear any confirmation that it will be making its way to the console versions. However, we also have no reason to doubt that the update won’t release on consoles especially considering the physical copies by Limited Run Games have shipped. I want to give a big shout out and thank you to Arc System Works and Wayforward for not only releasing a fun game, but listening to feedback and building on it to hopefully make the game more enjoyable. I am eagerly awaiting for this update to come out for my copy of the game on Nintendo Switch and looking forward to revisiting River City Girls.

UPDATE: Wayforward have announced on twitter that the new changes and fixes will be coming to consoles in the “future”. So we should be hearing more about this soon.


SOURCE (Steam page)

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