Kiara and my Ara Ara Adventures | Cover

Himeko Maid | Alice

Welcome the decade with a new lewd adventure: Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure! To clarify, this is a new game from Toffer Team. The same team that brought you Hikari Clover Rescue, Hikari Love Potion, and the highly anticipated Himeko Maid. While the last title hasn’t released yet, it’s still exciting to see this young developer give his ideas life. No information regarding the synopsis is available at this time. However, if I were to guess from previous releases, it seems Kiara (pictured below) will be our guide on a lewd crusade akin to the Hikari series. Toffer’s extravagant usage of lewd scenes are sure to make this a must-watch for fanatics of the two-dimensional coitus. We’re looking forward to this and you should too.

This writer is very high on Toffer Team’s creative vision. Their consistent focus on delivering quality lewd material above all appeals to many readers. However, there’s so much more to it than that. Please consider reading our interview here. In it, we discuss the developer’s humbling roots and how his style of game development came to be. Following that consider checking our review on his title: Hikari Love Potion. The title that’s setting the bar high for his future releases. I can’t wait for both Himeko Maid and Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure. Time will tell if they’ll exceed the expectations set by previous releases. Please look forward to our future pieces regarding these two titles.

Diego Hernandez
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