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Majora's Mask: Time's End


Materia Collective and Theophany are excited to announce CD and Vinyl releases for the Majora’s Mask: Time’s End and Majora’s Mask: Time’s End II albums. Both were produced by composer Theophany over the last seven years. They amp up the dark, unsettling music of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask with orchestral arrangements. Both albums are getting new limited edition CD and 2xLP releases, including great artwork and a high-quality booklet. According to the press release, the proceeds from these limited CD and vinyl editions will directly fund Theophany’s third and final album in this series. They hope to begin producing Majora’s Mask: Time’s End III in 2020.

Majora's Mask: Time's End


Composer Theophany is excited about these new releases, saying:

“I’m thrilled to offer a physical release for these albums, especially since fans have requested them for years. Most of the money I receive will be needed to fund the oktavist choir I’m planning for the third album, which will focus on the final arc of Majora’s Mask. Oktavist singers seem pretty rare so the logistics may prove challenging, but it’s an incredibly inspiring sound. Ending the project with an opportunity like this would be amazing.”

Many fans consider The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask to be the darkest entry in the Zelda franchise. These two albums include classic tunes from the game, including “Clocktown”, “Deku Palace”, “Oath to Order”, and obviously “Time’s End”. Here are links to both albums, and their page lets you go to numerous different store fronts:

Time’s End on All Storefronts

Time’s End II on All Storefronts

Majora's Mask: Time's End II


Theophany is both a composer and a sound designer, with credits including Oxenfree (by Night School Studio), and sci-fi short, Dust (by Ember Lab). You can listen to Theophany on Bandcamp. Additionally, you can follow their work on YouTube and Twitter.


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