Star Ocean First Departure R Title

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Head out into a world of adventure in Star Ocean – First Departure R, now available on PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

On the undeveloped planet Roak, Roddick lives in a quiet, peaceful village at the southern end of the continent of Muah. One day, Roddick learns of an epidemic affecting a neighboring town – a disease that turns its victims into stone while they’re still alive. With his best friends Dorne and Millie in tow, Roddick visits the neighboring village, taking the first step on a grand adventure that will take him and others far beyond the stars.

Star Ocean was originally released on the Super Famicon in 1996, with the remastered Star Ocean: First Departure released on the PlayStation Portable in 2007. First Departure R boasts upgraded high-definition graphics, with vibrant sprites and environments, as well as improved movies. Players can choose between two character designs – original and new ones from the illustrator of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Katsumi Enami. Players can also choose between English and Japanese voices.

Like its successors, First Departure R features open world exploration, private actions and character relations. During battle, switch between characters and roam free across the battlefield, changing strategies and formations on the fly. Upgrade skills and learn specialties through combining skills, or take advantage of each characters’ innate talents. Players can also craft new items through an assortment of skills, including alchemy, cooking, and restoration.

Star Ocean – First Departure R is available on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for $20.99 USD.

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