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Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a bit of legendary help in its Dec. 5 update.

Players will now be able to use the Master Sword powerup, which not only turns Mario’s sprite into the Legend of Zelda‘s Link, but also gives him access to Link’s toolkit. Players can use the Master Sword to cut through enemies, the shield to avoid damage, the bow and arrow to grab out-of-reach items, and bombs to open pathways through impassable objects. These tools can be used in straightforward play or combined to defeat puzzle-style levels.

In addition to the Master Sword, several Mario staples are also being added to Nintendo’s flagship level builder.

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Spike: “This green gluten can spit out spiky iron balls and throw them at you.” Getting hit will give Mario a bad day, but the spikes can also be used to break apart blocks and even get Mario across large gaps in the level. And in the snow theme, Spike throws snowballs, just in time for winter!

Pokey: “Made up of spiky spheres, this cactus-like foe poses quite a threat.” Mario takes damage when touching Pokey’s spikes, so be careful. Pokey can be defeated by fireballs or a hungry Yoshi, so players can find a multitude of ways to get around him – or use him to make levels more difficult. When using the night mode, Pokey even flies through the air, and in the snow theme he becomes a snowman.

Frozen Coins: “Encased in ice, this coin is similar to an ice block, but will thaw out when hit with fire.” Players can find creative ways to use – and get around – frozen coins using fireballs, burners, fire bar, and even the Angry Sun.

P Block: “These solid, unbreakable blocks will appear when you step on a P Switch, but only temporarily.” Use them to bridge large gaps, make impromptu walls, or even block dangerous objects like Bullet Bill and Thwomps.

Dash Block: “The Dash Block is coming to the Super Mario 3D World game style.” Using the Dash Block will give Mario a burst of speed to hurtle through each level. They can also help him reach out-of-reach items and platforms by jumping higher than he would otherwise. They can also be used in technical courses or to “reach Mach speed with the Koopa Troopa car.”

Ninji Speed Runs: “Other players’ Ninji ghosts will run alongside you as you compete against rivals from around the world.” This new mode will receive periodic course updates. Players can earn stamps by successfully completing each level, as well as new items. Top players will even receive gold stars for a short time.

This free Super Mario Maker 2 update launches Dec. 5, 2019.

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