oprainfall | Heroland

oprainfall | Heroland


Publisher XSEED Games has announced that Heroland will be coming to PC in addition to the previously announced releases on Switch and PlayStation 4. The game will arrive on all of these platforms on the 3rd of December according to the press release. The very humorous and cute RPG takes place in a theme park, and it has been winning fans since its initial reveal at E3.

If you purchase the game digitally, it will have a price tag of $39.99. You’ll be able to get it digitally on Steam or the Humble Store (there’s no game page on there yet) for PC . For consoles, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, and the PlayStation Store. You can also pre-order the game in physical form via the day 1 Heroland “Knowble Edition” for $49.99. Here is the game’s trailer:


Heroland takes place in a tropical theme park filled with plenty of sunshine. The guests take part in RPG-styled adventure, dungeon exploration, and all that goes into becoming a legendary hero. Things soon take a unexpected turn, though! Lucky is an exceptional part-time tour guide. It all starts when he and his guests accidentally start to uncover Heroland‘s dark past. One of those guests is Elric (the spoiled, fell prince of the Knowble Kingdom). Together they and their team of tourists converted to heroes must now save Heroland and beyond!

Squeak squeaky! Squeak,” said MonStar Team All-Star Li’l Slug, which translates roughly to, “We’re preparing all kinds of ‘fun’ activities for our victi…er…GUESTS to enjoy after our GRAND OPENING later this year. Why are you looking at me like that, never seen a slug talk before? You got a problem with that, buddy?!”

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