Well folks, I hope you’re all having a better week than me, since I’ve been coughing and wheezing all week of this Nintendo Download. But as I’m starting to feel human again, I’m here to cover your weekly Nintendo Download! As this is the first Download of November, there’s officially no focus on Halloween hijinx anymore. We have a few featured titles, some new events, the usual sales and some digital goodies. So let’s get started with an adorable vulpine hero.

Nintendo Download | New Super Lucky's Tale

Our first featured title this seek is a game I’ve been interested in since it was first announced as an Xbox exclusive. Then it was called Super Lucky’s Tale, and I rather enjoyed demoing it. This past E3 I got the chance to play the new Switch version, called New Super Lucky’s Tale, and while it played much like I remembered, that’s far from a complaint. Regardless of the version, this is pure platforming fun, with charm to spare. But if you don’t believe me, wait a week or so for my upcoming review of New Super Lucky’s Tale. Next up is an adorable entry from Disney, called Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL. Featuring multiplayer and tons of minigames to enjoy, this is the perfect all ages sort of game. And lastly, if you love playing detective, you might enjoy LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY™: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Deluxe Edition. Originally for the 3DS, I found the source game entertaining, though perhaps less so than the games that inspired it. And while I’m bothered that there’s no dual screen antics, they make up for it with new puzzles, DLC and outfits to keep you playing. But that’s far from everything this week. Let’s move on with a couple events.

Nintendo Download | Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL

  • Take in the Sights at the City of Lights with Mario Kart Tour – Blast through the scenic streets of grand Paris during the Paris Tour event, which runs exclusively in the Mario Kart Tour game** until Nov. 19. Racers can zoom past the Eiffel Tower while playing as Shy Guy dressed as a pastry chef, or as Peach, looking positively resplendent in her stylish vacation outfit as she explores Paris.
  • Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Enter the My Nintendo Luigi’s Mansion 3 Sweepstakes! – Celebrate the spookiest game of the year with the My Nintendo Luigi’s Mansion 3 Sweepstakes***, exclusively for My Nintendo members. Redeem your My Nintendo Platinum Points for a chance to win fun prizes, including a Luigi’s Mansion 3 PVC Statue. These statues are incredibly detailed – seriously, check out the design of the Poltergust G-00 in all its ghost-slamming glory.

Nintendo Download | holedown

Next up in this week’s Nintendo Download, let’s check out some savings. First up, XSEED Games still has a sale going that you can snag a couple savings on, and it ends today. Some of the highlights are BurgerTime Party!, a couple FATE/EXTELLA games, Freedom Planet, Gal Metal, Senran Kagura, Unchained Blades and more. To see those titles, just click here.

Nintendo Download | ANIMUS: Harbinger

But that’s not all. The following are some other sales to check out this week. These gems are also worth checking out in this Nintendo Download. For something unique, check out Spirit Roots (Switch) for $3.49; for cute puzzles, try Lanternium (Switch) for $3.99; to thwack some aliens, try Jet Kave Adventure (Switch) for $14.99; or for a surprisingly fun retro adventure, try Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan (Switch) for $9.99; for some violent mayhem, try Hotline Miami Collection (Switch) for $12.49; for something monochromatic, try Bear With Me: The Lost Robots (Switch) for $2.49; for a nice discount, try Phantom Doctrine (Switch) for $6.79; for an incredible discount, more than 80% off, try Selma and the Wisp (Switch) for $0.99; for stealth assassin fun, try Katana ZERO (Switch) for $10.04; to fight some robots, try Oniken: Unstoppable Edition (Switch) for $4.99; to save your child from Hell, try Pinstripe (Switch) for $4.49; for a crazy title, try Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition – The Card Warriors (Switch) for $1.79; to try something relaxing, try Link-a-Pix Color (3DS) for $3.99; and lastly, for something creative, take a whirl with PONCHO (Wii U) for $4.99. To see everything else, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Skybolt Zack

The following digital titles are all out for next week’s Nintendo Download. For something indescribably weird, check out DRAW CHILLY. For more simplistic fare, try holedown. To play a classic RPG that never made it to the West before today, try Romancing SaGa 3. And lastly, for a folktale, try Yaga.


And lastly, all these digital titles are available for this week. If you enjoy puzzles, you might like One Person Story and puzzlement. If you like hectic games, try these – Headsnatchers, Juicy Realm, STURMWIND EX and MONKEY BARRELS. To try something emotional, take a look at Incredible Mandy. Or for something darker, there’s ANIMUS: Harbinger and Ritual: Crown of Horns. Or if you want a simple RPG, try Asdivine Kamura. For a strange hybrid, check out Skybolt Zack. Or for a retro throwback, there’s STAY COOL, KOBAYASHI-SAN!: A RIVER CITY RANSOM STORY. And finally, for your adventure game needs, there’s a lot to try – Strange Telephone, THE GRISAIA TRILOGY and Tokyo Dark – Remembrance –.

Nintendo Download | Romancing SaGa 3

All in all, a pretty great week for the Nintendo Download. Thanks for joining us here at oprainfall, and be sure to tune in next week for another collection of great Nintendo games.

Nintendo Download | STURMWIND EX

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