oprainfall | XSEED 15th Anniversary

oprainfall | XSEED 15th Anniversary


The XSEED 15th Anniversary Sale is underway now. XSEED Games is celebrating 15 years of localizing and publishing PC and console titles, some of which we may not have gotten were it not for them. I first became familiar with them in the early days around the Wii era, when they brought some hidden gems to that console’s library, like Little King’s Story and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. For their 15th anniversary sale, they are bringing big discounts to fans on a number of store fronts for both digital and physical releases in their catalog. Ken Berry, President & CEO of XSEED Games had this to say about the past 15 years:

“It’s been an amazing 15 years for us, filled with a lot of memorable games that we’ve been able to share with our awesome fans. From the start, it was critical that we serve the needs of the community, so I’m proud that throughout the years, we’ve maintained our mission of being focused on them, as our successes and growth comes from them. Here’s to many more years of sharing games we love.”

The press release says that throughout November they will be posting insights they’ve never shared before to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what they do. These insights will be appearing on the XSEED Games social media channels. The XSEED 15th Anniversary Sale is running from October 31st through November 7th. Here is their rundown of the savings you can find on different stores:

Steam (Up to 75% off of most titles)

North American Nintendo eShop (Up to 50% off of most titles for 3DS and Switch)

North American PlayStation Store (Up to 75% off of most titles for PS Vita, PS3, and PS4)

XSEED Games Online Store (Physical releases up to $20 off, and Steam titles up to 75% off)

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