This particular Making It Rainfall is one near and dear to my heart. Quite frankly, I love October, and Halloween in particular. It’s always been one of my all time favorite holidays, and even though I don’t dress up and go trick or treating anymore, I do decorate my abode with carved pumpkins. And even though we’re a man short this time, I made up for it by doubling my usual number of levels. So join us in celebrating the holiday spirit with this episode of Making It Rainfall, the segment devoted to Mario Maker 2 level creator madness. There may not be much spooky in these levels, but there’s lots of treats!

Font’s Levels

Level 1 – Haunted Library
Course ID – SKM-Q3J-2TG

Making It Rainfall | Haunted Library 1

Explore the haunted library to discover its secrets. The spooks that inhabit this place may not like you snooping around around though! There are two 50 coins hidden in the library. One of them requires finding all five pink coins so you can unlock the teleport block. A number of 1-Ups may also be hiding around in the nooks and crannies of this creepy place.

Like usual, we’re starting this Making It Rainfall with a couple great levels intricately created by none other than our own Michael Fontanini. This is a really fun area, with tricky progression and some sneaky dead ends. You need to carefully use your hammer to get by, and it turns Mario into a ghost-busting menace. I admit this stage took me a few tries to successfully beat, but I thought it was very clever and fun.

Haunted Library 2

Level 2 – Abandoned Factory
Course ID – 8Y5-NV1-DTF

Making It Rainfall | Abandoned Factory 1

Collect 100 coins as you make your way through the dark, abandoned factory. There aren’t as many ghosts and ghouls as in the Haunted Library level, but there are a few other dangerous obstacles. If you want a little more challenge, there are four optional sub areas hidden in the level that will test you a bit more than the main area. The biggest challenge of all is beating all four in a single run to get four 50 coins. The maximum coin score you can get in this level is a little over 300 coins, if you get all four 50 coins. You can also find a few 1-Ups sprinkled around as always, too.

This stage made great use of dark and light, with carefully composed traps and dangerous tricks. The industrial vibe is everywhere, from moving tracks to swinging cranes and more. There’s plenty of Boos around to ruin your day too, and a Dry Bones or two. I admit I didn’t find any of the optional sub areas here, which just goes to show how cleverly designed it truly is.

Abandoned Factory 2

Josh’s Levels

Level 3 – Perilous Pumpkins
Course ID – NT0-VR8-Y3G

Making It Rainfall | Perilous Pumpkins 1

A haunted pumpkin patch with a trio of terror.

For me, Halloween is all about Jack-O-Lanterns, so I had to make a level about pumpkins. This is more of a visual than a platform heavy stage, meant to showcase 3 different pumpkin designs with some tricky On/Off switch mayhem. There’s not a ton of foes here, but the ones here are meant to irritate and distract you. Not a tough stage overall, though.

Perilous Pumpkins 2

Level 4 – Prelude to Luigi’s Mansion
Course ID – 4FD-KYH-9TF

Making It Rainfall | Prelude to Luigi's Mansion 1

Free Mario from a twisted realm filled with echoes of Luigi’s future.

I don’t generally make many high concept levels, but I’m very proud of this one. I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3, which I’m reviewing for the site, and I decided to make a level devoted to it. The concept here is Mario is trapped in some nightmarish supernatural realm, and is facing shades that represent Luigi’s future as a ghost-busting hero. There’s an eerie Luigi face made out of pipes, an E. Gadd conveyor ride, and the mansion itself, though Mario isn’t allowed in. He has to scale the roof instead!

Prelude to Luigi's Mansion 2

Level 5 – Bobbing for coins in the Swamp
Course ID – 45Q-0M4-30G

Making It Rainfall | Bobbing for Coins 1

Float through the murky waters and collect enough coins to escape!

I haven’t actually built a level with rising waters before, so that was where the concept for this started. Then I decided that since it’s Halloween, it should be a poisonous swamp instead. And since bobbing for apples is a thing, but I didn’t want to use Yoshi here, I decided to make it a spooky coin hunt. It’s not too hard, but you do need to collect most of the coins in order to escape. And while your Dry Bone raft is pretty durable, a stray hit from a buzz saw or a fireball will force you to start over.

Bobbing for Coins 2

Level 6 – Be Afraid of the Dark
Course ID – 01K-BRF-0VG

Making It Rainfall | Be Afraid of the Dark 1

Danger lurks in the shadows alongside gleaming treasures…

So while it’s true this Making It Rainfall level also has a coin threshold to escape, I consider it very different from Bobbing for Coins in the poisonous Swamp. This is a more slow paced stage and less forgiving as well. There’s not a lot of light, so you need to platform carefully. There’s also no checkpoint, so make sure you collect coins as you go, and watch out for surprising traps.

Be Afraid of the Dark 2

Ken’s Levels

Level 7 – Bowser’s Nightmare: Just a Minion
Course ID – LGK-T5T-QHG

Making It Rainfall | Bowser's Nightmare 1

Bowser’s scary dream, he’s a minion and a goombrat is king of the Koopa Troop.

Ken always comes up with clever and unique levels, and this is no exception. There’s a challenging mini boss battle against Bowser, though if you’re lucky he’ll get lost on the screen and you can just ignore him. The real boss is the tiny Goombrat, or he thinks he is anyhow. A fun stage that doesn’t overstay its welcome, with some unique visuals.

Bowser's Nightmare 2

Level 8 – Trick or Treat? Snack Size
Course ID – VNN-QK8-WHF

Making It Rainfall | Trick or Treat 1

A small taste of Trick or Treat. Visit houses to see what you can get.

First off, I love the title of this Making It Rainfall level. It’s perfectly fitting for the Halloween spirit, and the name perfectly informs you what to expect. There’s some nice homes you can go into, but there’s more tricks than treats. Also, get ready for a haunting from a bunch of Clown Cars towards the end, and you’ll need to figure out how to get past them. One of my favorite levels this time around.

Trick or Treat 2

All in all, I’m really proud of all these Making It Rainfall levels. They do a great job of being faithful to the Halloween spirit, and are very diverse and clever. Thanks as always for joining us here at oprainfall for your monthly Making It Rainfall levels, and be sure to tune in later in November for the next batch!

Josh Speer
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