Fast, fun, and challenging ode to classic 2D falling-block puzzle games, Day and Night is ready to test your skills. The game by indie studio Ridiculous Games is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Governed by an innovative day and night mechanic, players will find both their concentration skills and reaction times tested, all the while being challenged to think tactically to defeat their opponent in real time head to head gameplay. Split screen battles pit two opponents – friend or CPU – in a race to collect their own time-themed blocks while managing the blocks of their opponent. As with life, day turns to night and night turns to day, and this mechanic turns the genre upside down.

“Day becoming night and vice versa is how our game differentiates itself from the other greats in this genre,” says Jeremy Airey, Ridiculous Games CEO. “The two sides of the screen are presented as either time state, with day and night blocks spawning for both players. The core game becomes a dual challenge because players can only collect blocks that match their time state while managing an ever-growing number of inactive blocks while racing against the clock.”

To defeat an opponent, players not only think about their current time of day/night, but strategically stack inactive blocks in preparation for a time change that turns the rules upside down. Collecting blocks clears the screen and builds the time meter. “Filling the meter switches the time of day for both players and activates blocks that were inactive just a moment ago. Planning ahead strategically in this way let’s you collect large amounts of blocks in a flash, building up combo points while dropping blocks on your opponent,” says Airey.

Gameplay Features

  • Unique Day vs. Night Puzzle Mechanics – Active blocks switch throughout the battle, based on timed ‘day and night’ cycles, adding new layers of strategy to classic block dropping gameplay.
  • Versus Mode – In this core mode, two sides battle for victory in a single player or two-player experience.
  • Survival Mode – Perfect for on-the-go gaming, this is a single player game mode which tests the player’s endurance as they struggle to survive their way through the calendar years
  • Story Mode – Progress through a charming set of stories battling a varied cast of characters along the way
  • Dares Mode – Play through several sets of challenges, each with their own unique rules and twisted scenarios
  • Rehearsal Mode – Battle against an AI CPU opponent in a practice game to learn the basics
  • Nintendo Switch Play Modes – Day and Night supports TV mode, Tabletop Mode and Handheld Mode
  • 10 Customizable Characters – Endearing characters ready for battle; collect a wardrobe of costumes to customize your character
  • Cloud Saves

Day and Night is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

Leah McDonald
Leah's been playing video games since her brother first bought an Atari back in the 1980s and has no plans to stop playing anytime soon. She enjoys almost every genre of game, with some of her favourites being Final Fantasy Tactics, Shadow of the Colossus, Suikoden II and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Leah lives on the East Coast with her husband and son. You can follow Leah over on Twitter @GamingBricaBrac