oprainfall | Raging Loop

oprainfall | Raging Loop

KEMCO and publisher PQube are excited to announce that as of today, Raging Loop is now available on both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 in Europe. The game can be obtained in both physical and digital format there. If you’re in North America, the game will be available digitally for both platforms starting on October 22nd. If you want a physical copy, those will be available in North America beginning on November 19th. For those that would like to play it on their PC, the game will launch on Steam on December 5th. Here is the launch trailer:


Raging Loop is a visual novel that tells the story of a cursed settlement tucked away in a Japanese forest. A bizarre ancient tradition grips it, as an oppressive fog envelopes the village. Meanwhile, animal godlike creatures possess the inhabitants, forcing them into a terrible mind game. Each night, the villager possessed by the wolf guardian leaves behind a corpse. Each time, the villagers spend the next day choosing a suspect who will be hanged. Try as they might to find the killer, it just keeps happening again.

The game also has a day one edition that comes with an exclusive art book.

Raging Loop | Day One Edition


Players take on the role of Haruaki Fusaishi, who quickly finds himself stuck in a bizarre and seemingly endless loop. The strange thing is that each time he dies, he wakes up to find himself back at the first day he arrived at the Yasumizu settlement. He also does not lose his memory when this happens. To help players, the game marks the routes that have been cleared so far with a nice flow chart (seen in the screenshots below).

According to the press release, Raging Loop also has Revelation Mode to add more replayability. This mode is unlocked when you clear the story mode. Revelation Mode allows players to experience the story mode in a new way, revealing the inner thoughts of characters. This gives Haruaki Fusaishi (and the player) more insight into their motives.

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