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A promising campaign is coming soon in the form of Gremory: Tale of the God Slayer. The news comes following a partnership between publisher, MiKandi Japan, and developer, Studio Bottomtext. You may have heard of MiKandi Japan for their successful partnerships including Libra of the Vampire Princess and Newton and the Apple Tree.  However, while Studio Bottomtext may be new to the scene but that doesn’t take away from the ambitious project. Gremory aims to successfully blend wonderfully erotic storytelling with challenging bullet hell gameplay. The team hopes to attain $6,000 in 30 days starting October 22nd. In the events that they reach the goal, delicious stretch goals await including: voice acting, animated CGs and bonus story.  We deeply encourage you to check out this promising campaign once it’s out.

What’s the story behind Gremory: Tale of the God Slayer?

The game revolves around Gremory, a not-so-innocent succubus. She’s been defeated and stripped of her demonic powers by the mighty goddesses Thor, Odin, and Loki. Now out for revenge, Gremory has traveled the galaxy searching for that special “demi-god in shining armor” to help restore her strength. And after landing on Earth, she finally finds the one she’s been looking for: YOU! You are a demi-god, aren’t you? Now it’s time to put your skills to the test! Jump into bullet hell action with Gremory across multiple stages of Asgard, defeat the ruling goddesses, then “extract” their essence. Should you succeed, the rewards will be divine!

Diego Hernandez
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