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I believe I first found out about Panzer Paladin when I saw Tribute Games post some images on their Twitter feed, but it’s very possible I found it at some other point. I keep track of so many smaller and indie teams that it’s sometimes difficult to keep everything straight. All I know for sure is that Panzer Paladin got its hooks in me fast. Just from the art style alone, I was intrigued. A game where you pilot a mecha and fight against demons, all set in lush and complex pixelated glory? Yes, please. But that was really all I knew about the game. Thankfully, today I can confirm a few other things courtesy of Tribute Games.

Panzer Paladin | Squire

Now just for clarity, this info is mostly coming from two sources. The Tribute Games newsletter as well as the Panzer Paladin presskit. So forgive me if I mash some things together in the pursuit of simplicity. The first thing I can clarify, from the newsletter, is that Panzer Paladin’s amazing pixel art comes from some really great sketches. There’s one early image of the Squire you control in the game, who is essentially the human pilot of the bulky Paladin armor. Now the Squire is female, and wields an energy whip that lets you navigate via grappling points when outside your armor.

Panzer Paladin | sketch

Another cool sketch is some unnamed specter or lich looking fellow. Though the developers are mum on the details, he definitely looks inspired by some sort of Incan or Aztec lore, and I’m guessing that he’s a boss. Anytime a skeleton gets fancy armor, they’re usually up to no good.

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With the newsletter out of the way, let’s recap with some basic details about upcoming game Panzer Paladin. It’s slated to release sometime in Spring of 2020, and has carefully cultivated pixel art much like that found in classic NES games. That said, Panzer Paladin is popping with personality and life, much like every other Tribute title I’ve had the fortune of playing.

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I wish I could give more hands-on information, but sadly I wasn’t able to attend PAX East, so I missed out. But I promise we’ll try and keep you all informed about the game from this point on. Cause if you know me by now, you know I love retro and indie, and Panzer Paladin has heaping helpings of both. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to confirm things like consoles it’s releasing on, and more.

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