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Post-apocalyptic nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis is heading to Steam Early Access on Oct. 10, 2019.

The woodpunk-inspired open world PC title, developed by independent development studio Donkey Crew, recently showed at Gamescom to positive reception, and oprainfall’s Quentin H got to try out the game at GDC 2019.

From the developer:

Last Oasis sees warring clans clash over resources, territory and alliances in an unforgiving new world. But it’s not just rival nomads that players must overcome as they traverse the harsh environment in their walkers. The savage primals are bloodthirsty, but nothing compares to the might of the Legendary Sandworms. Graveyards of walkers litter the vast deserts, permanent testimony to their ravenous hunger. These enormous worms have decimated enough nomads to make even the most seasoned captains think twice before an assault. Will you attempt the hunt?

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Last Oasis is set on Earth thousands of years in the future, after a cataclysmic event has halted the planet’s rotation and plunged it into two extreme environments. There is only one habitable strip of land that sits between razor sharp ice and darkness and the arid desert wasteland, which slowly moves as the planet rotates around the sun. A day now lasts a year and the only way to survive is to keep moving. To stay alive, the remnants of humanity have built a large waking city, from which they must send unwilling nomads into the passing oases to gather necessary resources in order to keep the city moving. Not many return alive.

The game was originally set for a Sept. 3 release, but Donkey Crew extended development time following closed beta feedback.

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